Why are so many women and couples using ' free sperm donors' despite the negative press often
associated with these private sperm donation arrangements? eg the UK Press stories regarding Unregulated sperm donor web sites

'Free Sperm Donations Worldwide' (FSDW) to single women, lesbian and infertile couples
who are looking for a sperm donor in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand,Canada......worldwide!
Let Emma know why you choose 'unregulated' sites- or donate through them- and what makes our site so popular?
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Why are so many people using FSDW to find a donor- or to donate their sperm?

Please do email Emma with your questions- and note that your comments on this page will be posted without personal info. So please do be honest- why choose a private sperm donation connection site - why FSDW?

Please do complete the form- whether a private donor or using a private sperm donor- to let Emma understand why private sperm donation arrangements are becoming so popular. Emma is undertaking a research project- with the aim of putting forwward findings to the relevant authorities - in order to make this choice safer for all involved. Current risks can be reduced- and there are huge benefits to private sperm donation arrangements.

Your feedback and any personal info will not be shared with any third party.

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Message from Emma- FSDW Creator
- also known as The Child Listener™

Hello All-

I created this site- originally as Sperm Donors Worldwide- in order to help single women, infertile and lesbian couples find a donor more easily- and to have more CHOICES. At that
time I didnt realise that this would also fulfil a need for men who had previously donated anonymously- before the laws changed- and who still wanted to help.. Also men who wanted to choose the recipient- and perhaps have some involvement. The site has helped more women and couples than I could ever have dreamed of- and continues to retain an atmosphere of kindness, honesty and respect. By abiding by the behaviour code, and letting me know of anyone who could potentially be in breach of our code- eg by asking for sex or money- we can keep the site as safe as possible- despite the obvious difficulties.

I hoped that the site would benefit the children born as a result- thinking that this was likely to give women more information about their donor- the opportunity to keep in touch- and therefore more information to share with children. A distant uncle- with no financial burden- can only be positive to children surely? Ultimately, I wanted for the adults who use the site to have CHOICES- and to decide for themselves what they want. I promote any arrangement that attempts to meet the needs of all involved- parent/s, donor and also the child.

I try to develop a relationship with my members and donors and am available more or less 24/7! I personally answer every email- and try to do so as comprehensively as possible. However there are always going to be things to work out- and I am thankful to the people who come to me for advice and to share information- rather than just letting it go. If a donor approaches you for sex and you dont share this with me I cant do anything- and that isnt fair on the next person he is in touch with. If a donor offers to help a woman or couple and doesnt get a reply- or she doesnt turn up for a meeting - I cant do anything about it. My donors mean the world to me- they are doing an amazing thing- and I am as protective over them as I am my members. It isnt always easy though- and I do appreciate it that people realise there are no guarantess- and this isnt going to work for everyone.

I would really like to know more about why people choose FSDW- what they hope to gain from the site- why they donate through FSDW- and more.

So if you are considering being a member I would like to cover your set up fees if you would complete the following questionnaire- and if you have used the site or are a donor would also appreciate your info. The more I know about the site users the more I can help you in the future.

Love and Light Everyone


DIY Baby™- Creating Choices
 Creator of FSDW and Surrogacy Sisters
www.Free-Sperm-Donations.com / www.Surrogacy-Sisters.com

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Relationship Status

Interested in what type of arrangement? (Anonymous, Child
can get details at 18, Distant Uncle, Co-Parenting etc)

Do you already have children? If so how were they conceived
if not adopted?

What are the main qualities you are looking for, regarding
a private sperm donation match?

Have you thought about what you will tell the child, when, how
- will they be given information- have any contact with the donor?
Outline your thoughts about what will happen after conception.

Have you tried other private sperm donor arragement sites?

Why choose FSDW- if applicable?

Please add any other comments about your journey- past, present and future.

Do you think private sperm donation arrangements should be legally recognised- for example sperm donors being able to relinquish all rights at birth (as with adoption, surrogacy) Tell us what you think could be done to make private arrangements safer- of why you do not think they should be permited or used.

Please type the word you see - so we know you are a real person!

Thank you so much!

Em x



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Em:-) x


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Find a sperm donor through FSDW- Free Sperm Donations Worldwide - a useful connections service provided by early years education / child behaviour advisor and family / lifestyle coach, The Child Listener™,
Emma Hartnell-Baker BEd Hons, MA, Cert Life Coaching,
who also advises parents about meeting the emotional needs of children born from private sperm donation.

The Child Listener™ has a private practice in Queensland, Australia and is currently taking time out to develop several exciting new projects


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