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I understand that Free Sperm Donations offer a 'connection service' to enable me to contact privately registered donors around the world, who have all stated that they will donate without charge.

.The information given by these donors cannot be verified by FSDW and therefore what I do after making contact with any of these donors is my own responsibility.

I understand that there are no guarantees and that donors are under no obligation to donate to me following contact within the members area.

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Once you have been sent your password you may add as much information to your profile as possible, so that when you contact donors they can visit your page to find out all about you! Donors can then also search for people looking for donors in their area and contact you if they feel they can help!

Remember that FDW just help you to connect - like a dating site!
Once youve accessed the members area the rest is up to you - so stay safe and good luck!

Thank you for your payments-without these we could not offer the service. They cover our operating costs so
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If you do nothing your membership will remain live, and fees will be paid at the end of each 30 days- in this way you can access all new donors as they sign up. You can cancel your membership and payments at any time after the initial payment ie you only have to join for the initial 30 days if you so wish. It is YOUR responsibility to cancel your subscription from within your paypal account when you have found a suitable donor or no longer wish to be a member.

Please note however that if you cancel your membership and wish to then reinstate it at a later time you will need to start again. We cannot refund payment made- it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription before it renews each 30 days.

We do not issue refunds unless a donor you wished to contact, who you saw on the free to view public pages, is no longer active in the members only area ie no profile, no ability for you to contact him.
We expect you to let us know within 5 days of joining.

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Offering even more options relating to assisted parenthood- alternative parenting since we created FSDW! (Free Sperm Donations Worldwide)Subscribe as a member of FSDW today- and get a free message on the message boards!

- What happens after I have paid the FSDW
subscription fee

Subscribers are offered a free message on the boards- and can access the database of over 3000 sperm donors for as long as they
keep their subscription current.
Non-registered FSDW donor can contact you through the
public message boards.

Set up a hotmail address just for this purpose and to protect yourself.
Do not give out too much personal information at the beginning.

You will be sent login details, and then have access to the database of sperm donors- and can update info in your profile, add photos etc.
There is an internal messaging system - you can use that to send and receive messages, or click on the bottom of their profile and this email is sent directly to them (you dont see their email address) They will see the email address you specify. You will then start corresponding. If something doesnt feel right trust you instinct- and let me know if any donors appear to want payment or sex. That would be in breach of our Behaviour Code.

Sperm donors register, offering to donate without charge, and as such will want to find a suitable match in the same way you do - so if you use this site please do accept that it may take time to find the right one, and you will need to have lots of patience. Put as much info in your profile as possible, so that donors can get an idea of your personality and the type of arrangement you are looking for. We ask all donors to at least reply with a polite 'sorry, I cant help you' if this is the case- however if donors fail to respond, or respond inappropriately, please do let us know. It is by using member feedback that I can monitor what is going on and try to keep the site a safe and respectful place to correspond with one another.

Members can also use a free legal document outlining their agreed arrangement with donor - just get this signed and notarised to clearly state your intention.

When you think you have found the 'right donor' you need to decide what tests etc you require- and there are usually places you can get your donor tested for free- eg in the UK you just got to your local NHS GU clinic for same day testing and results. Some of our sperm donors are registered with sperm banks and have that info.
When you are happy that all is going to your satisfaction you will need to make your arrangement re collection of fresh sperm ready for self-insemination, or make an arrangement with him to donate to a clinic. There are only a few days in your cycle when it is possible to become pregnant. Please do not waste your donor's time- monitor your cycle prior to starting inseminations. Read Self-insemination info on the site or buy a self-insemination kit from DIY Baby.
If he donates to a clinic (preferable but we understand expernsive) the sperm will be quarantined for six months to be sure it is safe with regards to HIV etc-ask for options at your local sperm bank/ clinic.
Our members use this site as they want to know about the biological father of their child- even if there is no active involvement. Members usually choose a donor who closely resemble someone they would date, or would be freinds with. Someone they can contact when their child asks questions about their oigins.
You can't get that information from a sperm donor catalogue, or when you use a clinic directly..
Through FSDW we offer choices.

The site is maintained using subscription fees- and so do not issue refunds unless a donor you wanted to contact (on the public pages) is no longer listed in the members area. On occasion donors delete their profiles and dont let me know, although this doesnt happen often.
Please note that this is very similar to a dating site- I can't guarantee anything, and please do consider if this is really right for you!
If not you may wish to use a sperm bank - many are listed in the Sperm donation directory

Please support my fight to abolish anonymity

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