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Complete DIY Baby™ Guide to Home Self-Insemination
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Free Self-Insemination of Donor Sperm- Useful Tips and Info
from FSDW and DIY Baby™

What is self insemination ?

DIY (do-it-yourself) or self-insemination, is a method in which the woman (or her partner ) inserts semen into the vagina herself, without medical assistance. This is surprisingly easy - and a useful technique for single women, lesbian and infertile couples, and heterosexual couples with sexual dysfunction.

How to self-inseminate - what is needed

The most important ingredient is freshly ejaculated semen that is inseminated within 90 minutes max).

Find your private sperm donor here!
Ask your donor to ejaculate in a clean glass or plastic container. Make sure this is wide-mouthed, so it’s easier for him to aim accurately – you want it all! We include one in our DIY Baby™ self insemination kit!
You can also use frozen semen samples from a sperm bank, after allowing them to thaw at room temperature. Visit our Directory for listings of sperm bank - usually in the USA- that will ship overseas if you live outside of the US

After the semen sample has liquefied (this takes about 30 minutes), you are now ready to self-inseminate. Suck up the semen sample into a 10-ml plastic disposable syringe (without a needle) or use a turkey baster- although the small amount of semen does not require such a large instrument. Again, we include the syringe you need in our kit:-)

The semen now needs to be squirted into the vagina- and as this is sometimes tricky you may want to have practised this a few times first- using water. You need to lie on a bed, with your knees and thighs bent, and your knees wide apart. Guide the tip of the syringe into the vagina and put the syringe in as deep as you can before plunging the barrel, depositing the semen into the vagina. Ideally you should try to have an orgasm during the process- by stimulating the clitoris- not through penetration of insertion of anything such as a vibrator. The only thing to go inside the vagina is the syringe!

You may find it easier to lie on the edge of the bed, with a pillow under hips so that your hips protrude over the edge whil you undertake the procedure . You can remain lying on your back for about ten minutes, after which you can resume normal activity. Some of the semen will leak out, and this is normal.

While using a speculum is not essential, it can help, because it makes it easier to inject the semen at the mouth of the uterus (the cervix). You can use a disposable plastic speculum, and when you insert the speculum, make sure the blades are closed. You can slide it in upwards, or else sideways, turning it when it has been pushed all the way into your vagina. When the handles are above your pubic bone, squeeze them together, which will open your vaginal walls. You will hear a click when the speculum is locked open. If you are inseminating with a partner s/he will be able to see your cervix, which is round and pink with an opening (the os) in the middle. The mucus may appear as a clear bubble, or a thread like raw egg white. You can use a mirror to see what’s going on for yourself, if you so desire! After the insemination, make sure that you release the handles and collapse the blades before removing it from your vagina.

Some women use a cup or cap for self-insemination. Rubber cervical caps are designed for contraception (hence the name "cap") but they can be used for insemination. There is also a cervical cup especially designed for insemination, which is slightly larger and more shallow, the name "cup" indicating that it serves as a semen receptacle. You simply squat down, check the position of your cervix, and insert the cap containing the semen in that direction, holding it upright at all times. Check all around the top of your vagina to make sure that you didn’t miss you cervix. The cup can be removed after several hours. Take care to break the suction by hooking a finger over the edge of it before trying to pull it out.

Timing the procedure is extremely important, because you need to inseminate during your "fertile period". Fortunately, it’s quite easy to determine when you ovulate, and you can either monitor your cervical mucus, or use an ovulation prediction kit.

Our DIY Baby Home Self-Insemination Kit
Includes everything you need!

The DIY Baby™ Ultimate Self-Insemination Kit Includes;

* DIY Baby™ Self-Insemination Guide

* Donor Agreement Document

* Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calculator

* Plastic Syringe

* Sperm Collection Cup

* 10 Ovulation (Fertility)Tests (needed to more
effectively time day/s to inseminate)
Special offer- kit currently includes 15 ovulation test!

* 5 Pregnancy Tests - Special offer- kit currently
includes 10 tests!

* Folic Acid


Price AU$135 plus P&P - Your credit card transaction will be shown on your statement as 'Fertility Choices'.
(This is approx GB£65 / US$129 plus approx £10/ US$20 P&P
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s for re-stocking your kit here shortly- thanks for your patience!

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Pack of 20 ovulation testing strips - LOCAL - AU$19.95 plus p&p (flat rate $5)


Pack of 20 ovulation testing strips - International (outside Australia) AU$19.95 plus p&p (flat rate $10)


Pack of 20 pregnancy testing strips - LOCAL (AU) - AU$19.95 plus p&p (flat rate $5)

Pack of 20 pregnancy testing strips - International (outside Australia) AU$19.95 plus p&p (flat rate $10)

Pack of 20 pregnancy testing strips plus 20 ovulation testing strips- International (outside Australia) AU$39.95 plus p&p (flat rate $7)


Pack of 20 pregnancy testing strips plus 20 ovulation testing strips- International (outside Australia) AU$39.95 plus p&p (flat rate $11)


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I am attaching a picture of I*******, she was my first success at AI, again thanks to your wonderful website.   Thanks


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