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Donating Sperm Privately - Issues

The Child Listener™ knew that many intelligent, kind men men WANT to choose who will
be raising the child created using their sperm. They want to donate sperm to help single women, infertile and lesbian couples - but not to everyone and anyone!

They will often only donate to one or two women or couples, and will choose those most likely to raise
the child with love and stability and who are emotionally (and preferably financially) stable.

Most FSDW donors would not donate to young single women without a lot of questions. A donor
SHOULD be asking questions in this regard. If not then why is he donating?
On other sites for money and/ or sex. FSDW is strictly AI only. As they arent getting sex or
money they are much more likely to be offering to help for altruistic reasons, and because
their conscience would not allow them to bring a child into the world who they are not going to be raising, without knowing who will be the 'real' parents.

Imagine finding out your sperm had gone to Neo Natzis??! There are already far too many children in care and who are abused. Does being conceived using a sperm donor make
them less at risk?

So FSDW is not about creating babies; it is about creating babies who will be raised in
wonderful homes, and know who they are and where they come from. So choose who to donate to wisely!l

Why is Emma adamantly against NI? To protect YOU as much as the recipient.
Our family lawyers tell us that intent will be a HUGE factor that will determine what will happen should you
be sued for child support. If you have sex you pay. Its very straight forward. It doesnt matter what you want,
or think you have agreed to, if the woman sues you she will win. Even if you sign a piece of paper. Why?
Because you had sex. When you use AI the 'intention' is much clearer ie that
you are NOT intending to be the 'dad'.

Women can also go a bit doollally after sex- there is a chemical reaction that can cause problems between
you as she is likely to get emotionally attached. Its just biology. So to reduce the risk of hooking up with
a bunny boiler please dont have sex.

She can also give you a range of nasty things when you have sex without a condom, that she cant give
you when you hand her a pot. So dont risk it. Have sex safely, and not with the intention of having babies.
Babies are protected by law, so if you dont want to play Daddy then dont have unprotected sex!

The Child Listener™ has been trying to keep sperm donors as safe as possible for over 9 years.
However the health and fertility authorities have had enough of people creating options outside
of their options! Trent Arsenault is a prime example. They can (and are) going after him as he is advertising
that he distributes semen. He is not regulated and the sperm hasnt been 'passed' by the authorities as
being safe. It isnt tested, quarantined, re-tested and then deemed 'fit' for insemination.
He therefore cant distribute it- regardless of whether or not he sells it. This makes sense,
even though he is actually doing a great deal to make things as safe as possible.

He's still doing something illegal though, and the more women and couples he helps publically the more
questions are raised. 'Man Not Included' did this in the UK for a while- but distributing sperm from a range
of men - and faced prison time. You just can't do this legally- whether it's your sperm or someone elses,
because of public safety. We can argue as much as we want but if he can do it then so could someone
who is spreading HIV, aloong with fake test results.

Its made the FDA sit up and take action, because now they could. Health Canada are looking to do the
same- issuing warnings to all sperm donation connections sites that any man donating through AI outside
of clinics is breaking the law- and not only that, if the web site owners facilitate this then they face
prosecution as well.

Technically he could get round it by offering sex or by using another site who will connect him (privately)
with recipients. He has been registered with FSDW for many years.

As far as I know if he offers sex (NI) on his site he is off the hook.

The FDA cant regulate someone offering free unprotected sex- or half the web sites in the
world would be closed down. He has to 'direct deposit' (smile) and not distribute. But realistically how
would they know once he meets with the recipients. Surely they are not going to monitor every deposit
to ensure there is penetration? It does sound bizarre- and it is!- very Big Brother.

However he is doing somethng unlawful- very publically- and he will not win against them.

If it was me Id just change all the references to AI and make it NI. All charges would have to be dropped.
I hope Trent does stop this action as he wont win, and a ruling would mean there is then legal precedence.
And thats when the FDA can start really getting to work stopping AI sperm donation practices outside of clinics.

What will happen is that any man then publically offered to donate through AI could be prosecuted. As men
would have to omit details about donating through AI how would women know which were the less risky candidates? And of course FSDW would face closure as it has always been strictly AI only.
Although it couldnt be closed for distribution it could be closed for knowingly facilitating it.
Scarey stuff.

So my advice in all instances is NOT to post your photo or details on any publically listed page
(eg the coparent-match and FSDR pages, which are spidered by google, and to use an alias- and
not ever share your contact info.
Do not put AI in any posts eg on Craigs list etc. Ask the site moderator what they are
doing to protect you.

Ask questions and do not assume any woman will keep her word.
A sad state of affairs but this wonderful 'gift' could cost you ALOT

More here soon!

Questions? Email Emma@The-Child-Listener.com


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When you are happy that all is going to your satisfaction you will need to make your arrangement re collection of fresh sperm ready for self-insemination, or make an arrangement with him to donate to a clinic. If you meet him in person to collect fresh sperm ideally you need to inseminate twice within the 48 hours prior to ovulation. There are only a few days in your cycle when it is possible to become pregnant. Please do not waste your donor's time- monitor your cycle prior to starting insemination meetings.
Most members arrange to meet their donor at a safe place, where he will ejaculate in another room, and then offer you the fresh sperm in a wide rimmed plastic container and leave. Take someone with you. Wait until the sperm has gone from cloudy to clear and inseminate with plastic syringe as quickly as possible. Read Self-insemination info on the site or buy a self-insemination kit from DIY Baby.
All you really need is a plastic cup and syringe - get these
from your local chemist. If he donates to a clinic the sperm will be quarantined for six months to be sure it is safe with regards to HIV etc-ask for options at your local sperm bank/ clinic. Many of our members use this site as they would prefer to know something about the biological father of their child- even if there is no active involvement. Members usually choose a donor who closely resemble someone they would date, or would be freinds with. You cant get that information from a sperm donor catalogue.
Through FSDW we offer choices.

The site is maintained using subscription fees- and so I do not issue refunds unless a donor you wanted to contact (on the public pages) is no longer listed in the members area. On occasion donors delete their profiles and dont let me know, although this doesnt happen often.
Please note that this is very similar to a dating site- I can't guarantee anything, and please do consider if this is really right for you!
If not you may wish to use a sperm bank - many are listed in the
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and will be listed more comprehensively on
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Emma- site creator- also known as The DIY Baby Maker!
The DIY Baby Maker- and advocator of children's rights

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your email.
I would have kept in touch
and told you about any good news in the coming New Year...fingers crossed...
I have found the right
donor (with careful consideration),  from your brilliant site :)
We have communicated on
a numerous occasions by email and spoken a few
times via mobile. He caters
to all my expectations...
He has agreed to start AI in January.  By that time I
would have been on folic acid
tablets long enough and checked anything out including his status of
health etc.

*****, the Donor has been
a perfect gentlemen and
been straight forward of his expectations to what type
of involvement he wishes - which is contact when the child ( he or she), reaches
18 years old, or earlier if the child wishes it...which is
want I wish too...I am travelling to him, staying in
an hotel and I am taking a friend with me. W*** lives
not far from the station.

I was very surprised and impressed with your FSDW site, especially too how
much information you offer.
I was very impressed with
the information about putting the 'child's needs' first -
being honest with he or she about their parentage. This worried me a great deal but your site covered a lot of ground and has made me
less anxious about how to approach this sensitive
issue to my child in the
near future. Yes, I agree honesty is the best

I cannot think of anything to improve your FSDW site...
you have covered everything...if I do think of anything I will email you again.

I was introduced to your site via a friend who has been a surrogate mother in the
past, so she is aware of
what is involved practically, physical and emotionally etc. She is the friend who is companying me to London.

Fingers crossed that all goes well, which I am sure with the donor I have chosen. I promise I will let you know how it goes or if anything is not above board.

Again Emma, thank you for the opportunity you have given me by creating your site, without it I would have not found a donor.

Speak soon

(name removed for privacy)

Hi Emma, I thought you might like an update, which i have
only just got round to now because i have been so busy with my little girl! Riya was
born on 17th October and is now nearly 3 months old. I cannot decribe how happy
i am, she is just perfect and
her big brother adores her! It
is thanks to this website where i found the right donor, who is also very happy to have given our family a little girl, and we will remain friends. Thank you
so so much.
Please feel free to show this
on your site, if you do i would also like to say, congratulations to everyone who has become a parent through using this site and lots of luck to those still waiting.  
from Amy JAN 2009

Hi Emma - just to let
you know I'm leaving the members area. Your website has been successful in bringing together two
like-minded singleton's to
have a child together whilst were still young ('ish)! Thank you for this - we'll keep you updated, hopefully a healthy happy baby before the end of the year. kind rgds h**

Baby Jake
Congrats to L and C!

(hes gorgeous!!)
Becoming a parent may be your dream- take your time finding the righ donor and dont give up even if the process isnt an easy one! Join Free Sperm Donations today and access the database to meet up with one of our fabulous private sperm donors- all willing to donate sperm for free- no fees- artificial insemination only. How wonderful is that! The latest FSDW baby is testiment to what happens with a little patience and the help of a good sperm donor!

Hi there here are as
promised some photos of us and our little boy who we
have called Jake. He was
born weighing 9lb 9oz which was quite a shock as im
only little, hence i needed a caesarian section but it has
all been worth it as we have such a beautiful, happy and contented baby who has
made our life so complete.  Nothing can compare to the feeling i have when I hold
him and he looks at me
with his gorgeous smile. 
I know the midwives say
you have to wait till 6 weeks before they smile but
honestly he smiled the first
day he was born and does everyday.  He totally amazes
me everyday and I feel so blessed to have the
opportunity to be a parent. 
I hope that everyone has the chance on FSDW to have a baby.  Its the best thing
in the world. 
Thank you again,
L******, C***** and Jake x x

SUCCESS! Thank you. Please remove us and all records
from your system. We're REALLY grateful to you and of course to our donor. Feel free to publish this message but PLEASE no names.
Thank you so much.

We are often asked why
FSDW donor donate without fees - this is what one of
them said :

"It is the most amazing
feeling, and the genuine
donors that I talk to share
the same highs and lows 
with the girl at the end of the dreaded 2 week wait..."

I am attaching a picture of I*******, she was my first success at AI, again thanks
to your wonderful website.  

(donor name removed)

And the latest
gorgeous baby...

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Hi Emma and Team.
I wish to ask you to cancel my subscription, as after 12 months of very careful planning and testing, I am now pregnant. Thanks for providing a site
such as this

Several months ago I listed
an ad with your website. I was fortunate enough
to find a donor and am now
5 1/2 months pregnant!
Thank you!

Hi, i just want to say
thankyou! i am in a same sex relationship and thought it
would be along time and alot of money before i had a child but
after the first attempt of AI
through your site i am now 6 weeks pregnant!
Thankyou so much for
giving women like us a
chance to have what we
want more than anything!
S and C.

Just to let you know that I
now have a baby on the
way thanks to FSDW .
Anyway, I'm now back in the
dating game, which I dont
think really mixes with
donating, so please if you could delete my profile - ***

Thank you very much, I did
want another child & it has
made both me & my recipient very happy.  I have also met a
number of very nice people
in the process.  Obviously I
may come back at
some time in the future,
but at the moment
I'm 'otherwise occupied

Hi Em,
We are very happy with
the service from you and
the website. Within half an
hour of our ad going on the
website we found a
suitable donor. We did
get quite a few responses
but we used the first contact
made as he was the most
suitable. After two attempts
we are now
4 weeks pregnant we are
over the moon it has taken
us 7 years to get here. We cannot thank you and the website for our miracle. It
is still early and we will
keep you informed of how it goes.
Kind Regards, M& T.
Baby girl born Dec 2006! .
Read their story in the
Daily Mail




I get masses of
emails like these!
It's why I keep the
site going! A huge
thanks to all the
wonderful FSDW
Em x


we just want to thank you very much for helping us to create our beautiful baby boy Jacob! He's absolutely perfect, we couldn't have done it without your help, keep up the good work!
C***** and C*****.

Hi Emma,
I have to say I stumbled across your site by chance last year.  I'm so, so glad
I did.  We're a lesbian
couple (married for over a year now) who really
want to start a family.
We have spent a little while looking at and contacting people on the site who (mostly) have been very friendly and responded. 
We have now found a truly lovely guy and met him yesterday for the first time after conversing via email for quite a while.  He really is a truly genuine guy and
we have decided to proceed with him
(starting in March).
We are both so excited and pleased that we have been able to do this thanks to your site.  I would like to truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I will inform you when
we have success!!!
Thanks again Emma
(and the team)
D and B xxx

We are discontinuing our account at this time as we
have found an amazing donor (*****) who is willing to help both of us get pregnant. We have timed our ovulation and will be meeting for our first try this week. Thank you so much! We will let you know when we have success!!!

Thank you,
M and T

Hi Emma,  
I want to say im sooooo
proud of what you are doing.  You dont know the happiness you bring to peoples lives. 
I couldnt have afforded the
cost of the sperm centres
fees and so wouldnt have
been able to get another baby ever.You have given me
the chance to hopefully have one more baby before
its too late.  Ive waited 16
yrs to find the right man and couldnt so my son who
is 16 has no genetic siblings.  My dad has only 2
grandkids out of his four daughters so im happy
and he will be too that he
will have another grandchild
.I just joined last week
and think I have already
found a donor in portugal
who is willing to travel here in oct for donation. ...

After meeting & being let
down 6 times by donors I thought I would never find
one I was very low and then I meet a donor who just
saved me who has helpt
me so much I am due to have my baby any day now and
its all thanks to a great donor and your site and I would
like to say to members
out there who are thinking of given up to stay hopefull
the site doese work !!
. there  are good donors
out there thankyou to you for helping get my dream

We joined your site
two months ago. Found the perfect donor. And
have just discovered.......
.after the second attempt
Can't thank you enough
for startinghis site.
After 6 heartbreaking
years of trying......never
thought it could be so easy.

hello Emma, 
  Im from Western Australia.
(donor name removed)
did it for us!
  I couldn't me happier
with your services.
I am 2-3 weeks pregnant
as a result!

Thank you ! We found our perfect donor on your site
and we started trying
for a baby last month. I
will let you know how successful we are, but in
the meantime we are very greatful for getting this far.

just to let you know
things have worked out for
me i am now pregnant after
a first go at meeting a
donor at your web site L

Hi Emma- just a quick message to let you know
that after getting in touch with our donor through your
site we are now pregnant. Thank you so much for the worthwhile work you do.
R and J x

Hi Emma, hope you are well, 
Just thought we best update you with our progress,  We thankyou very much from the bottom of our hearts, we are pregnant after our first
attempt, and today it was confirmed my partner
is carrying twins.  Thankyou is not a strong enough word we can use.  Our donor was excellent and we have be able to build up a great raport with him. Once again this service you provide has helped us achieve our dream.C and A

Hi Emma,
I should have emailed
before now but I have
been very busy with our beautiful 6 month old son. Thanks to your hard
work we found a genuine
donor and our son is
everything we could have wished for and more. Our
donor has also offered to
help us again
in the future with a sibling for our son and to complete
our family.

We can't begin to
thank you enough
Sarah (London)

Hi there,
I would like to send you
my thanks on behalf of
myself , the gay couple I
helped and our son who
was born a few days ago,
Your work is really important and helped us all achieve something in our lives
which we wanted so
very much. Thanks again
and all the best to your
organisation for the future.


Hi Emma, Just thought i
would let you know that i
did two pregnancy tests
today and they were both positive!!
After only one try at AI. I am
still not 100% convinced
that i am actually pregnant,
they were faint lines, but
they were there and i know
its rare to get a false
I'm going to have to another
test in a couple of days to
make sure.
I cant thank you enough
for your website, what
you do is amazing for
so many of us.
Thank you so so much.

A positive pregnant test for another FSDW member- yipeee!


Hi Emma,
Thanks to your site, I'm now pregnant. I found a suitable
donor straight away and
luckily first insemination
proved successful. really
thrilled and it's down to
your site putting me in
contact with my donor.
i could have waited absolutely ages through a private clinic,
not to mention the price
i could have paid. once again,
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Join Free Sperm Donations Worldwide and access the database of over 1600 private sperm donors, all willing to
donate fresh sperm for home self-insemination, without charges or fees. Some also donate to sperm banks and can
arrange for shipping. You only cover out of packet expenses.
Your chosen donor can get tested for STDs and HIV etc privately or if you are in the UK your local NHS GU clinic will
offer same day free testing.
Use the free documents in the members only area to make a written record of your arrangement and get this notarised
by a solicitor so that your agreement and intention is clearly defined.
When you have chosen your donor and are clear with regards to your arrangement meet him on your most fertile days
to collect fresh sperm for self-insemination or make an arrangement that he donates to a local sperm bank for your use.

Top Tips for Getting Pregnant Using Self-Insemination

What is self insemination?

DIY (do-it-yourself) or self-insemination, is a method in which the woman (or her partner )
inserts semen into the vagina herself, without medical assistance. This is surprisingly easy - and a useful technique
for single women, lesbian and infertile couples, and heterosexual couples with sexual dysfunction.

How to self-inseminate - what is needed

The most important ingredient is freshly ejaculated semen that is inseminated within 90 minutes max).
Ask your donor to ejaculate in a clean glass or plastic container. Make sure this is wide-mouthed,
so it’s easier for him to aim accurately – you want it all!
You can also use frozen semen samples from a sperm bank, after allowing them to thaw at room temperature.
Visit our Directory for listings of sperm banks - usually in the USA- that will ship overseas if you live outside of the US

After the semen sample has liquefied (this takes about 30 minutes), you are now ready to self-inseminate.
Suck up the semen sample into a 10-ml plastic disposable syringe (without a needle) or use a turkey baster
- although the small amount of semen does not require such a large instrument.

The semen now needs to be squirted into the vagina- and as this is sometimes tricky you may want to have
practised this a few times first- using water. . You need to lie on a bed, with your knees and thighs bent, and
your knees wide apart. Guides the tip of the syringe into the vagina and put the syringe in as deep as you can
before plunging the barrel, depositing the semen into the vagina. Ideally you should try to have an orgasm during
the process- by stimulating the clitoris- not through penetration or insertion of anything such as a vibrator.
The only thing to go inside the vagina is the syringe!

You may find it easier to lie on the edge of the bed, with a pillow under hips so that your hips protrude over the edge
while you undertake the procedure . You can remain lying on your back for about ten minutes, after which you can
resume normal activity. Some of the semen will leak out, and this is normal.

While using a speculum is not essential, it can help, because it makes it easier to inject the semen at the mouth of the
uterus (the cervix). You can use a disposable plastic speculum, and when you insert the speculum, make sure the
blades are closed. You can slide it in upwards, or else sideways, turning it when it has been pushed all the way into your
vagina. When the handles are above your pubic bone, squeeze them together, which will open your vaginal walls. You will hear
a click when the speculum is locked open. If you are inseminating with a partner s/he will be able to see your cervix, which is
round and pink with an opening (the os) in the middle. The mucus may appear as a clear bubble, or a thread like raw egg white.
You can use a mirror to see what’s going on for yourself, if you so desire! After the insemination, make sure that you
release the handles and collapse the blades before removing it from your vagina.

Some women use a cup or cap for self-insemination. Rubber cervical caps are designed for contraception (hence the name "cap")
but they can be used for insemination. There is also a cervical cup especially designed for insemination, which is slightly
larger and more shallow, the name "cup" indicating that it serves as a semen receptacle. You simply squat down, check the
position of your cervix, and insert the cap containing the semen in that direction, holding it upright at all times. Check all around
the top of your vagina to make sure that you didn’t miss you cervix. The cup can be removed after several hours. Take care to
break the suction by hooking a finger over the edge of it before trying to pull it out.

Timing the procedure is extremely important, because you need to inseminate during your "fertile period".
Fortunately, it’s quite easy to determine when you ovulate, and you can either monitor your
cervical mucus, or use an ovulation prediction kit.

All of the items needs are included in the DIY Baby kit - available online from next month

Everything you need for home insemination of donor sperm!

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