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FSDW offer a database / Member's Only area of almost 3000 sperm donors around the world willing to donate sperm to single women, lesbian and infertile couples without charge, AI only.

The site was set up by The Child Listener™ who believes everyone should have the right to be a parent - regardless of sexuality, marital or financial status etc.

Most our our wonderful sperm donors are located in the UK, USA Australia, Canada, and New Zealand however we have donors from all over the world.
Many want nothing more than a 'thank you' and to know they have helped, some would welcome a photo each year, and some would like to be involved post conception. We offer choices- you decide what arrangement you would like to make!

Simply pay the subscription fee - it's set up like a dating site but you pay less
than dating websites charge for people looking for love! FSDW members are of course simply looking for a sperm donor or someone to co-parent with.

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Do you know of genuine, kind men who are willing to donate their best swimmers to help women- or might be looking for some involvement in the child's life or even to co-parent- then ask them to please register here! This has to be a 2 way match- its as important to our donors that they choose the right ladies and couples to donate to- as it is for you to find the right donor.

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lesbian and infertile couples!
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Dear Emma,
I just joined a few days ago ... and this afternoon have met my sperm donor in Vienna, Austria, where we both live. The meeting went very well, we agreed on all terms, he is a very helpful person.
And end of November we will start with the first insemination.
Please wish me well! For this wished for and welcome baby to conceive!
Thank you for creating this platform!

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" Choices for women in the modern world! "

Our site was created in 2004

Emma created the site in 2004 to help single women, infertile and lesbian couples become pregnant using donor sperm (self-insemination) due to an increasing decline in sperm within worldwide sperm banks, and especially following the changes in UK law relating to sperm donor anonymity. She believes everyone should be given the opportunity to be a parent, regardless of fertility, marital status, sexuality etc - all she asks is that you research your decision fully, and
ensure that you are in a position to offer a child the love, support
and financial stability they deserve before you embark
on this journey.

On our new pages Emma will offer advice and information relating to meeting the emotional needs of children born from alternative methods- eg sperm donation.
For example -when and how to tell children, what happens if they want to contact the donor father etc. Becoming pregnant or going through the adoption/ surrogacy process is only the first step.
We must focus on the children, as well as how to become parents in the first place.

Good luck everyone


FSDW and Fertility Choices Web Site Creator
Also known as The Child Listener


Free Sperm Donations Worldwide (formerly Sperm Donors Worldwide) - originally created in the UK