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Message Board for Texas - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Texas!
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April 2015

Message: I'm looking for a donor who would choose to be a gift giver, my husband and I need someone willing to  stay apart of this journey, until conception. I'm looking forward to speaking to my gift giver.

March 2015

San Antonio, Tx

Message: We are a lesbian couple who have been together for 14 yrs and would love to add to our family.  We are currently the proud mothers of a 2.5 yr old girl who we have adopted.  She has brought much joy to our lives and we are ready to make her a big sister. We are looking for a donor only, no co-parenting.

March 2015

Message: Married Lesbian Couple unsuccessful with doctors seeking sperm donor to start our own family.

October 2014

Message: Successful lesbian couple looking for donor near Fort Worth, TX! Colored eyes a MUST :)

August 2014

Message: Lesbian couple seek to provide a loving home to baby/babies.  Hoping to find the right donor to make this dream a reality!

August 2014

Message: I would like to have a child.

June 2014

Message: Hi! Two want-to-be mommies in north Texas are looking for a donor. Please contact us if you are interested. We have been together for 7 years, married for almost 1 and are so anxious to add a little one to our home. Thank you all! :)

April 2014

Message: We are a happily married lesbian couple with a six year old daughter, and we are excited to add another child to our family.  We are not looking for a co-parent situation, although if we can we would like to find someone who would be open to being contacted by the child if/when they decide they would like to do so.  We live in the Houston area, and ideally would be looking for someone close to us to make it as easy as possible for everyone.  We are so thankful for this site, we have tried multiple times with a sperm bank, but with the expense involved ( and the viability issues) we had hit a wall. We have been blessed to be able to afford one of us to become a stay at home mom, so we can offer a stable and loving home for our children. Now we are looking for someone who can help us add another beautiful little life to our family.

March 2014

Message: I am a 30yr old RN in houston texas. In a committed lesbian relationship for 7 yrs and I want to conceive. Clearly we will need a little help lol.

March 2014

Message: Nice same sex couple looking for Hispanic, European or Asian sperm donor. No legal or active parenting role only please (unless if child wants to meet when older). Thanks in advance!

August 2013

Message: Hi,
My husband and I are unable to conceive together due to some technical difficulties on his part. HELP!!

July 2013

Dallas County

Message: My partner and I are looking for a sperm donor. We are ready to start a family and looking for someone who is serious to help us.

April 2013

Message: Lesbian couples ready to start a family .. Houston

April 2013

Houston Texas

Message: We are Christian women so ready to start a family and continue our lives together forever.

March 2013

Message: looking for a sprem donor in Midland or Odessa.

March 2013

Message: Looking for a Puertorican donor.

March 2013

Looking for a donor that is willing to travel or nearby as soon as possible

Message: Really looking for a good donor that understands the process and is patient an commetted

January 2013

Area_MssgBrd: I am in houston texas and want a baby but i dont have a donor yet

November 2012

Lewisville, Texas

Message: Hello, I am looking for a sperm donor that is willing to help my wife and I begin a family. Please contact me if you are located in the Texas area and have STD and HIV testing results.

March 2012

Message: 35y/o, full figured, brown hair, blue eyed woman looking for a nice donor to make her dreams of becoming a mommy to a reality!

March 2012

Message: Looking for a donor in TX...

February 2012

Message: We are an Army couple unable to conceive due to an injury from deployment

January 2012

Message: Hi Good Guy! Thankyou for choosing to bless a lady's life! Im in Houston Tx and I would like to hear from you! I really want to be a mother but currently of the
3 guys I met offline I really wouldnt want any to be my baby's daddy so Im here one doesnt want kids the other acts way too pretty and the third just went to rehab, help!

December 2011

Message: I am a lesbian woman seeking a healthy donor.

December 2011

Message: Hi! My wife and I are ready to and EXCITED about starting a family! We are so grateful for your help and are hopeful about the possibility of getting pregnant in the months to come! Thank you!

November 2011

Message: I'm so excited, we've been waiting a long time! Were ready asap

September 2011

Message: Hello i am a very positive person with a lot of love to give,  and i would love to have a baby soon,anyone out there that would like to help?

June 2011

Collin County

Message: Hi, I'm Charlotte. I've been trying to conceive for about a year and a half using clinics and sperm banks, with no success--please help. :-)

May 2011


Message: My husband and I are are looking for a donor in TX.  We already have children via a donor, so are familiar with the process. We are looking for a Caucasian donor, dark hair/dark eyes preferable, but not a must who is willing to travel.  Must have testing or be willing to have testing completed.

May 2011

Message: Looking for donor in the state of Texas willing to submit STD tests. We are looking for someone as soon as possible please. Thank you!

May 2011

Message: I am a 40 yr old Christian, single and stable woman searching for a Caucasian donor with brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10 or taller, with medium skin tone who's willing to do medical/background screening. I would like myself and my child to have access to the donor before age 18 for identity purposes but do not wish to co-parent. God bless!

April 2011

Message: Hello! My husband and I have been attempting to conceive for 4 years, but I was recently diagnosed with end stage PCOS, and he has a negligible sperm count. I have been advised that I will be able to conceive for another few months, but there is little hope of conception after that. We are seeking a healthy, dependable, intelligent, and outgoing donor, who is physically comparable to my husband - 6'4", dark brown hair, and green eyes. All attributes are not necessary, but they would be ideal. What we're really looking for is a generous man to help us to achieve our dream of having a family! We would prefer that the identity of the donor not be shared until the child is at least 18, but we are willing to negotiate with the right donor. Thank you!

March 2011

Message: Hi, I am new to the idea of co-parenting. I have found a donor and am looking for any advice as I proceed from here. Anything very important I should know, or beware of? Thanks!

January 2011

Dallas County

Message: Howdy! We are looking for a sperm donor who's in great health, 6ft or taller, loves learning & life, great sense of humor, easy going personality, loves his family and helping others. Please contact us for additional information. Have a super day! Thanks!

January 2011

Message: My husband and I are seeking an AI donor for local insemination. My husband is infertile and we have adopted thru foster care but long to have one successful pregnancy. We are looking for caucasian, tall, dark hair, and clean STD/drug tests and willing to sign donor agreement form. We appreciate your help.

September 2010

Message: I am looking someone to donate sperm.  I am 37 years old and want to be a mom.

August 2010

Message: 41 year old single lesbian seeking to have one child. I would love to correspond with anyone willing to donate sperm. Please help me make my dream come true. You don't have to have any involvement with the child unless that is your wish. I would respect whatever you want to do. I am looking for an attractive, professional, intelligent man. I am a professional classical musiician.

July 2010

Message: Loving couple looking for donor immediately. Prefer 5'11"+,
thin/medium frame, brown hair, green eyes. Please help us make our dream
come true.

March 2010

Message: Loving Couple seek drug-free, disease-free, healthy Caucasian donor in the Houston, TX area to help us fulfill our dream to have a baby. Thank you!

March 2010

Message: Hi, I'm Kimberly. I'm a sigle woman with spina bifida, and even though my handicap has made it difficult for me to make relationships work, I want to be a mom more than anything in the world. I am counting on this site to make that dream come true.

February 2010

nueces county, texas

Message: I will be ovulating in about 14 days I would like to attempt my insemination during that time. If you could contact me ASAP if you are willing to donate then I would appreciate it.

November 2009

Message: My partner and I are looking for a donor in Dallas, TX

November 2009

travis county

Message: my partner and i are looking for a thin, white male with blue eyes and blond hair to be our doner.

September 2009

Message: Loving couple hoping to find that special person who is willing to help us fulfill our dreams of being blessed with a child. 

April 2009

Message: Lesbian Married Couple looking for a sperm donor in Dallas Texas as soon as possible.

April 2009

Message: My partner and I are looking to start a family. We would really like a latino donor as my partner was born in Mexico.

March 2009

Message: Single, children-loving female longing for a child, seeks healthy caucasian donor in the lower Rio Grande Valley. If you can help accomplish my life-long dream, please contact me. Thanks for your reply.

February 2009

Message: We are looking for a sperm donor in the Houston area to help us grow into a family of 4.  Please contact us if you can help with this dream

January 2009

Message: My girlfriend and I have been together for fifteen years and would like to add to out family we are seeking an African American donor.

November 2008

Message: Seeking male sperm donor in Austin TX for 35year old female.

October 2008

Message: Me and my GF of 6 years want to give birth to a beautiful baby and are in search of a honest stable and ready donor......

July 2008

Living in Kerrville, TX and looking for healthy, caucasian sperm donor.

June 2006

My partner and I live in Houston Texas and we arew looking for a donor in the greater Houston area. We would appreciate hearing from soneone who could help us faciliate the creation of our family.

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