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Message Board for Sussex - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Sussex!
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March 2015

Message: Our names are Vanessa and Terri. We are located in Northwest NJ. We have been together for 10 years and married for 7. We are seeking a sperm donor to help us complete our family through AI. 
Please contact us via email with any questions or if you would like to give us this chance at a family.

March 2014

West Sussex

Message: I am a 25 year old lesbian, looking for a man to donate his sperm so I can have a child.

June 2013

West Sussex

Message: Lesbian couple looking to start a loving, fun family.

January 2013

Message: Hi, we are looking for a sperm donor to help us expand our loving family. We are a lesbian couple with one very loved son from a previous relationship and we now hope to be able to give him a sibling. We live our lives for our son and have so much love to give not only from us but also from a large extended family, we have a stable home and are ready to welcome a new child into it. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and we look forward to meeting you.

November 2012

Message: Professional 38 year old gay man living in Brighton with my own property with a big heart and lots to give a child wanting to open a discussion about co-parenting with other potential parents - I would be happy with 10-20% access up to 50% - I believe that co-parenting can be a very constructive way to bring a child up with lots of love - I look forward to opening up discussions with potential parents in Sussex

April 2012

Message: Hi I am Kate31, for the past 14 years I have worked as a Full time Nanny. I adore my job and now feel it is my time to begin my own journey for my own family. Unfortunately I havnt been lucky enough to meet Mr right, but I would love to shre this wondeful gift of a child.
I am finicailly ready and have my own property,there is a huge whole to fill and that is a family of my own....thank you

November 2011

East Sussex

Message: We are a married gay couple looking for a donor/co-parent. Ideally we would like some contact (e.g. Once a year) so children go grow up knowing where they come from if nothing else. I am a science teacher and my wife is a skin consultant. We live in a 2 bedroom place in Brighton and can't wait to start a loving family.

July 2011

Message: Hi there we are looking for a donor to help us have a child of our own, we have been together for five and a half years and want to complete our relationship. We would like a white donor preferably with brown hair and of medium frame. We prefer no involvement with the child. Please contact us if you are able to help, many thanks.

May 2011

Message: Settled, happy and secure civil partners looking for AI donor in South East or London area. Really hoping to find a donor on this site that is open, honest and loves life as much as we do. Fingers crossed!

February 2011

Looking for a donor in the London or Sussex area uk, preferably brown hair with green or hazel eyes. We are a gay female couple looking to have a child of our own after being together for five years now. We have bought up two lovely girls from my partners previous relationship and now they are in late teens would like to enjoy the whole experience from the beginning together. We would like a donor only with no responsibilities after or contact. We had a disappointing experience with a con agency a year ago and are desperate now to try again. would love to answer any questions from any possible donors, many thanks Debbie. 

February 2010

West Sussex

Message: Lesbian couple in West sussex looking for sperm donor, who can provide original documentation from a clinic stateing that they are clear of hiv, std`s ......AI wanted only. Briish origin preferred.

February 2010

Message: We have recently had our civil partnership and are looking to complete our family. We are excited to find the right donor to help us do this and are hoping to start trying in March. If you can help, please message us!

January 2010

Message: me and my wife are trying for our 1st baby together and realy hope this site will help.

October 2009

East Sussex

Message: We are a married lesbian couple living in Brighton and are ready to start a family.  We're looking for a donor in the area with brown hair and blue eyes preferably.

September 2009

West Sussex

Message: I'm looking for my hero to help me get pregnant. I'm a 32 year old single woman, looking for a white donor. Can you please help me?

August 2009

Message: Sperm donor needed.

August 2009

West Sussex

Message: Hello :) i am a mum to two gorgeous childen,a little boy and girl and they are beautiful,but would like to give them another brother or sister,i havn't had much luck with relationships so thought i would give this a try! it would make my dreams come true!

June 2009

West Sussex

Message: Hi,
We are a married couple in Worthing, West Sussex looking for a sperm donor to help us concieve.
Our ideal donor would have dark hair and blue eyes but ultimately a healthy baby is the most important result.
Thank you.
Holly & Tom

Feb 2009

We are two women in the Brighton area, looking for a lovely, friendly donor with a good soul.
We have been together nine years and would so love to have a child.
We are friendly, sociable, have a good sense of humour and love the outdoors.
Any local guys out there able to help?
Please get in touch.
J and A

January 2009

Message: Hi i am a single 25 yr old, i would love to have my own child, i have brown hair & blues eyes, i would like the baby to have blue eyes as-well. 
i would be happy for the donor to be involved if he wanted as he / she would be his as-well.  I am a loving, caring and kind person who is brilliant with other people's children but would now like to look after my own.
i would be extremely grateful, thanks for taking the time to read this. 
i live in west sussex 

January 2009

Message: Hi! We're an outgoing married dual heritage lesbian couple in our mid-twenties looking for a black-Caribbean or mixed white/black-Caribbean man to donate his best swimmers! A degree of contact would be encouraged, but we'd be the 'Mums' and make the decisions (plus pay the bills!) Please help to make our dream come true. Dom and Dan

January 2009

England,west sussex

Message: Hi there,i would love to here from any donors who would like to give me the special gift of having a eyes,brown/blonde hair,5ft5-5ft10.ill be looking rorward to hearing from you soon.

January 2009

We would dearly love a child to cherish.

Lesbian couple together for 10yrs living in Brighton. Looking for AI, from a white/caucasian, in sussex area,
with a good nature and soul.

Please help make our dream come true in 2009!

January 2009

West Sussex

Message: I always thought i'd be a Mum
Have a child of my very own
But life dealt wrong cards to me
I find myself alone.
I have so much love to give a child
Arms to comfort and embrace
Could you be the one to help me
The one to fill that space ?

November 2008

Message: hi im 30 years old and single.i allready have children but am looking to extend my family asap.please contact me if u think you can help.

November 2008

Message: Lesbian married couple ready to start family. Require sperm from healthy male, preferably brown hair blue eyes (though not essential) non-committal relationship with child. Can send updates if so required. Please contact if you can help us, many thanks.

crawley, west sussex, uk

Message: lesbian couple seeking sperm donor for AI only must have blue eyes and brown hair be able to supply all health docs advising std hiv tested. must be able to inseminate 3 times a month and be in good general health.

May 2008

east sussex

I am an independent, professional lesbian looking for a gay donor preferably one who wants some involvement. I would be happy to discuss co-parenting but am also happy with just the sperm!i want someone straightforward, a bit unconventional,honest and willing to be available over a period of months thank you 

April 2008

East Sussex, UK

Sperm donor wanted by happy, healthy, 34 year old professional single woman in East Sussex.

February 2008

please help us, we would dearly like a family. we have alot to offer a child and are at a time in our lives where we are now ready to become parents. this is our only hope please please help

Feb 2008

Donor wanted for Lesbian couple in Sussex who would love a family.Together for 7 years, both work well paid jobs and in our mid/late 20's and ready for a family.Would like donor with dark hair and brown eyes if possible.Can you help?

February 2008

We'd like a donor please. We are a married lesbian couple of 6 years and feel it is time to have a child of our own even though we will always love our 2 million godchildren(we are their odd parents apparently)

January 2008

Please help, married, 38, and longing for a child.  The only stipulation is blue eyes.  We have a happy, secure home and a child would be loved beyond reason.

November 2007

A warm hearted, loving and a financially independent lesbian couple in our 30 s living in East Sussex, looking for a LOCAL donor to help us fulfil our dream of starting a family. If this interests you please contact us

Please contact me if interested in donating - sperm donor wanted in East Sussex

November 2007

sperm donor wanted for lady in south england. Have child already but want to extend family. Professional and financially secure, would love to hear from serious donors.

  Please contact me if interested in donating - sperm donor wanted in or near Brighton Sussex!

November 2007

My partner and I have been in a stable same sex relationship for 9 years and have decided that we really want a baby - and need help. We'd prefer an annonymous donor - white, good personal and family health history, and a good soul !  I'm 35 and want to get started before it's too late. We live near Brighton (UK)."

  Please contact me if interested in donating - sperm donor wanted in or near Brighton Sussex!

November 2007

Hi I am a 39 year old single woman and would like to have a child before its too late.
I am white, blue eyes and brown hair. I live in Sussex area.
Please help.

Please contact me if interested in donating - sperm donor wanted in Sussex!

October 2007

Hi me and my partner are both 27 and would love to have a child to raise together.We would prefer an annonymous donor or 1 that would be happy with updates and maybe pictures etc.If you think you would help us please get in contact thankyou.

Please contact us if interested in helping - sperm donor wanted in Sussex!

August 2007

Hetero Couple late 30's with Male problem looking for a donor near Hastings, East Sussex. Any help appreciated!

Please contactus if interested in helping - sperm donor wanted in Sussex!

July 2007

I'm in a lesbian relationship for the last 4 years and want to start a family more then anything.We looking for a white,dark haired  and health donor.Would prefer to have a donor in the area and not wanting to be involved in the childs life.Please can someone help.
Please contact me if interested in helping - sperm donor wanted in Sussex!

July 2007

I am a gay woman interested in a donor who is preferably tallish and dark although this isn't
strictly necessary, and who is willing to be at least known to the child.

Please contact me if interested in helping - sperm donor wanted in Sussex!


June 2007

Woman early 40s, fit, healthy and kindhearted looking for a donor to help me concieve and achieve a
long held dream.  Looks/job etc unimportant a good soul is all.
Sussex area preferable (or nearby).

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

April 2007

I,m gay, my longterm parner & I, desperately want to have a baby, a little sister or brother for our son, making everything perfect! We can give a loving, stable home. Time is against us, as I,m 40!.I dont really want to specify,but somebody fairer skinned, would be preferable. Hope somebody out there can fulfill our dreams, making them reality!

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

April 2007

I am a 34 year old fun loving female who would like your help in creating a beautiful child xx

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


March 2007

40 yr old  professional (financially secure) woman, lesbian. I come from a very nice warm large family.
I would like the chance to add to it! "

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

October 2006

We are a lesbian couple who are looking to expand our family, we have 2 beautiful girls and want a 3rd child to complete our circle. If you think you can help us we would love to hear from you!

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

October 2006

People kept telling me you never know whats around the corner, I finally realised it was a roundabout. Late starter hoping for the ultimate new horizon of motherhood: single, straight, 43 and living in Sussex. Involvement level (if any) negotiable.


Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


August 2006

I would dearly love to have another child but have been single for 5 years. Looking for a donor who would like to remain annonymous.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

June 2006

I would like to have a baby as soon as possible. So hopeful to meet something that could help me!!
Please contact me

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

East Sussex Sperm Donor Wanted

Professional loving lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor. All health checks/screening covered. Looking for a caucasian with good personal and family health history, with brown hair and blue/green eyes. Check our profile on the website 'Tammy and Lucie' .

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide



A family oriented, warm hearted, loving and a financially independent lesbian couple in our 30 s, looking for a healthy sperm donor to help us fulfil our dream of starting a family.

If this interests you please e-mail!

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2006

Hi- we are a lesbian couple who are looking to find a donor to help us realise our dream of having a baby. we are happy to speak with donors about the sort of involvement they would like

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

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