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Message Board for Staffordshire - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Staffordshire!
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November 2017

Message: We are looking for a doner as we cannot have children of our own due to my partner having a low sperm count and are looking for as much help as possible many thanks.

January 2016

Message: Hello, my name is Natasha I'm 27 from Newcastle under Lyme I'm a mum to a beautiful 5 year old who I suffered fertility issues conceiving. I'm now desperate to have another baby and would love it if I found someone on here that is willing to help me. Thank you :) X

September 2014


Message: We are a married couple who are looking for educated sperm donor preferably with brown hair, blue eyes and approximately 5'9 tall.

June 2014

West Midlands

Message: Hi, we are a lesbian couple in a Civil Partnership looking for an AI donor. We are hoping to start working with a donor at the end of August. Please let us know if you think you can help. Thanks Handk8

January 2014

Message: Married lesbian couple looking for a kind and genuine donoe to make our dream of starting a family come true.

January 2012


Message: We are a loving couple who want to complete our lives and start a
family, but we need your help to to do this. We are looking for a good and
honest person who is willing to donate for us and help us feel complete
look forward to hearing from you Tracey & Jess

September 2011

Message: Lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in the west midlands area.

August 2011

West Midlands

Message: Hi, my time is running out and I have always wanted to br  a mother. I can't imagine life without having been a mother. Can anyone help. I am a professional and solvent.

December 2010

Message: Single professional female seeks male donor who must understand the donor process - flexible distant co - parenting . Please email

May 2010

central england ,staffordshire warwickshire nottingham

Message: wanted sperm doner with with no ties after pregnancy , we want someone about 5ft 6 to 6ft blue eyes medium build and to have dark hair and to have had checks for stds

August 2009

Message: Hi we are a lesbian couple (24 and 31) who would love to extend our family, we already have a 5 year old son and think its time for 1 more!! a girl would be lovely to complete our family!! We would like a donor who doesnt want any contact post birth.
Get in touch if you can help us xx

February 2009

Message: sperm donor needed in staffordshire or surrounding area for lesbian couple

February 2009


: Hello.  My name is Michelle and I am a single 38 year old woman locking for a sperm donor to fulfill my dream of finally becoming a parent.  I would love to have the opportunity to become a parent before I leave it too late and would be extremely grateful if anybody could help me.  Thank You

January 2009

Message: we are looking for a sperm donor in staffordshire area age between 20-35 dark hair skin colour  white screened. to be a donor only and require no further contact afterwards. we are a lesbian couple who desperatly want to extend our family so if you think you can help please email us.. n and s

November 2008

Message: Looking to achieve my dream but time ticking - if you are white, 6ft+, healthy - please contact me, thank you

September 2008

United Kingdom , Staffordshire

Message: Hi, we are an attractive female couple looking for a sperm donor in Wolverhampton or surrounding areas.We are looking for donations to begin mid October 2008.Donor ideally have dark hair and blue eyes,but any combination considered.

July 2008

Message: We are a lovely gay couple looking for a trustworthy, healthy donor.  US = happy, kind, funny, loving, stable, normal(!!).  YOU = healthy, happy, kind, tall, generous, normal too.  We don't want to co-parent but will keep you up-dated.  Cheers!!

January 2008

We are a friendly, loving and very stable lesbian couple who have been together 7 years and are looking to start a family. We are willing to travel, so if you feel you can help us please get in touch.

November 2007

Hi, I am looking for a little help please guys. I am single, hetrosexual and unattatched at the moment and time is running out. I am working and solvent. Would be grateful for your help.

Contact me if you are able to help! Sperm donor wanted in Staffordshire!
Through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


Sept 2007

Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm in a loving, stable, 8 year relationship with my partner Sally. I'm desperate to have kids and we have both decided that now is the time to start trying. We are looking for a sperm donor who resides in the Staffordshire area, who wants little or no contact with the child. If you are good looking, intelligent with a good sence of humour, get in touch. We'd love to meet you! x

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

February 2007

Hi, we're a happily married couple who would love a child to add to our family. My husband had a vasectomy 20 years ago and it cannot be reversed.  We're looking for a caucasian donor with dark hair if possible

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


September 2006

Friendly lesbian couple in long term relationship seeking sperm donor in the east midlands area. Currently got one child. Ideally blonde hair / blue eyes or brown hair/ brown eyes. Potential mother fit and healthy 25 years old. Looking for genuine discreet male to help add to our family!

No longer required thanks- now pregnant after finding a donor through the site!


May 2006

Wanted donor in the staffordshire area willing to donate to 23 and 31 yr old couple desperatly wanting to start a family. anyone thinking they can help please contact sara & lisa via link below thankyou x

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