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Message Board for Somerset - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Somerset!
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November 2017

Message: Hi I am a 31 year old single woman and am desperate for a child i work full time and own my own house i focused on getting myself secure and a manegement career and havent met the right man in my life so as I get older this is my only chance . If you would like to help please contact me all I have ever wanted is to be a mum and I feel like time is slipping away .

March 2015

Message: Hi I'm 30 and my partner he's 57 we have been together 5 years. He has had a vasectomy so looking for someone to help us complete our loving happy family

March 2014


Message: Photography/Art Teacher with a secure job and beautiful,loving home. Believe I would make an amazing mother. In a happy relationship with my partner. Would be so appreciative for some help with this as I have wanted it for a long time. Thank you

August 2013

Message: I thought I couldn't have children but have recently found out that I can but it has to be soon. Some please help to make me a mummy!!

April 2013

Message: I am looking for some sperm because I would like to have a baby

February 2013

Message: 18th/19th/20th Feb 2013 AI Donor wanted please in Bristol. Travel costs paid.

January 2013

Message: Hi Myself and my partner Kelly are in a long term relationship, and we would love to start a family together, both having children at some stage, we are looking for an ideal sperm donation with minimal input in the future. Are you out there? Please contact.

May 2012

Message: I am a 37 yr old lady my husband is 41 we would like a blonde haired blue eyed donor if possible (slightly reddish hair is fine too) We do not require any other input from the donor although will let him know baby has arrived safely if he wishes. We have been together for seven and a half years and are very happily married but would love the "cherry on the top!!" Please if you feel you can fit the bill please do contact us we are very approachable people lol oodles and oodles of huggles Helen and Graham xxx

March 2012

Message: Hi we are a lesbian couple looking to start a family, we are open to involvement or none depending on donors preferences, we have our own house, close to extended family, both work within social services and feel the time is right to have our own children, ideally two!! open to meet and discuss options! xx

January 2011

Message: Committed lesbian couple Civilly partnered for nearly 2 years, known each other for 5. Looking to start our family by having our first child. We would like a donor looking for no involvement.

December 2010

Message: Dark haired, green or brown eyed AI donors wanted in Avon, Somerset, South west area. Co-parenting or partial involvement considered. I'm ready to be a mum, healthy and financially sound. Please do get in touch and make my dream come true.

July 2010

Message: We are running out of time(I am 37) so urgent help required!! We are a couple looking for a sperm donor with blonde or gingerish hair and blue eyes. Graham carries a mutated gene and has already lost a child because of it so we wouldn't like to have a child with his genes. We are happy to travel or pay travel exspenses 

March 2010

Message: Hiya I am Emma I am looking for a donor so myself and my partner Colette can have another child to complete our family we originally joined this site in 08 and conceived our son on the 2nd attempt was born feb 09 so have rejoined with the hope of finding a donor again if you can help us please get in touch thank you

July 2009

Message: I'm a single 35 year old looking for the right donor. Wouldn't be opposed to co-parenting if I felt we were the right personality match. I feel I'm ready to be a Mum and have friends and family support

July 2009

Message: We have been living together for 8 years, and had our civil partnership ceremony 2 years ago, desperate to make our family complete

June 2009

Message: Hi, Can you help? My partner and i are desprately seeking a sperm donar from the north somerset to enable us to start our own family. we would like to do a self insemination. Your help will be appriciated greatly. Like we have said we would like to start a family and feel that after 5years together the time is now right.
Please contact us. Thank you S & N

April 2009

Message: Loving lesbian couple from Yeovil,Somerset WLTM genuine,caucasion donor of slim to medium build aged 25-50.We would prefer donor to travel to us,we will pay all travelling expenses incurred.No time wasters please,A.I only.

March 2009

Avon/Somerset/Glos/Wilt/South wales

Single male seeks single female for co parenting. I'm in my 40s, fit, healthy, non smoker, rarely drink, 5'10" tall, toned and degree educated. I'm looking for a single attractive, educated lady 30-40, who is in a similar situation and has a desire for a baby. Within 50miles of Bath/Bristol. emails for details

December 2008

Somerset, Glos, Wilts, Devon

Message: I'm a single woman failing on my search for Mr.Right, but desperate for a baby as I'm nearly 35 and feel the time is right for me. I own a nice house and have a strong family and friends support system and also work from home. Please consider helping me become a mum

December 2008

No longer required, thanks!

Message: Hi 
I have one wonderful child and a great boyfriend but sadly he can't give me a baby.  
Our child would have a fantastic rural upbringing in a secure home and lots of love.  
I hope to hear from the right man soon - Thanks x

October 2008

Message: We are a couple with infertile male would like a sperm donor in Som,Dorset,Devon.But MOST IMPORTANTLY BLONDE HAIR & BLUE EYES between 5'8" and 6'2" please please help us!!!

July 2008 - bristol

Message: loving couple seeking sperm donor preferably in bristol area and with blonde/l,
brown hair + blue eyes. if u think you could help us please email on   thanks


June 2008

: We are a happy commited couple with male factor issues who desperately want a family. We are seeking a donor to help us achieve this. We are looking for someone who does not want involvement but who is happy for identity disclosure. Our ideal donor would be white, blonde and blue but are flexible.

May 2008

We are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor who could help us have a family of our own A.I only.
we have been together for some years and we have tried before but been let down by sperm donors so if you think you could help us please email on

May 2008

Looking for a sperm donor who wants little involvement

November 2007

Lesbian couple, together for 9 years, looking for a donor in South West England. We are a stable, loving couple who would love a baby in our family. Would like to be able to tell child about her/his father. AI only.

Contact us if you are able to help! Somerset sperm donor wanted

Sept 2007

Hi, My name is Amy and I'm a single professional women, who would love to have a child with a willing donor. I have excellent financial prospects, a brilliant supporting family and could provide a child with a loving and caring home. I have a good personality, am educated to degree level, have my own house and a g8 job. I would love to have a child, away from the stresses of todays world such as divorce and separation and think I could be a gr8 parent.
So if you think you could help please get in touch. I live in Somerset, SW England. Thank you!

My email is

July 2007

Genuine Anonymous sperm donor required! Pref blue eyes, blond/light brown hair.A.I only Thanks

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

April 2007

Hi, We are a lesbian couple who would love another baby and a play mate for our 3yr old son. Can anyone help!!

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

March 2007

Please help us! We have been together for around 4 years and desperately want a baby but haven't got
£1000's to get sperm - we'd rather spend it on a beautiful baby! We need you now, can you help us?

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

June 2006

Myself and my husband are looking for a healthy sperm donor to help create a sibbling for our 4 year old daughter. We live in Somerset and are willing to pay for reasonable expenses to make our dreams of another child come true. If anyone thinks they can help please get in touch. We are looking for someone who does not want any involement in the child's upbringing but is happy for the details to be passed onto the child at a much later date for medical history etc if the need arises. Looks are not important, just that the donor is healthy. We look forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested in helping us. Thank you

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2006

Hello my name is Huleane and i am 35 years old. i have been longing for a child for many many years now. i havn't met a man deserving of or wanting children yet. i would like the donor i meet to be involved with our child.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2006

Couple seeking a caucasian donor aged 18 to 28 to help fulfil our dreams.
We are prepared to travel, pay all expenses and pay for all neccesary health tests.
Can be known donor ie child to contact at aged 18, but no contact after birth until then thank you.

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Seeking Somerset sperm donor- March 2006

We are a lesbian couple who would like a play mate for our 2yr old son. (He was also concieved by a donor so we know what we are doing!!)

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

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