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Message Board for Scotland - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Scotland!
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February 2015

Message: Hi there.  Looking to meet responsible and discrete donors in the central belt of Scotland xx

December 2014


Message: Lesbian couple wishing to find donor in Central Scotland for beginning of 2015. Must be AI only and willing to be STI checked before hand. We are willing to pay all expenses for time also. We already have 1 child and are wishing to expand our family and require your help. Please do get in touch! thank you!

July 2014

Message: Single female looking for a donation to have the family I have dreamed of

July 2013


Message: Scottish couple looking for a donor, we cant have a child of our own due to medical reasons.

June 2013


Message: Young lesbian couple looking for a donor to help make there dreams come true, and start their own little family

May 2013


Message: Hi i am a gay guy looking to co-parent i am 38 5,7ft meduim built guy i am from a large family and i am healthy please contact me if you are interested

April 2013


Message: I am looking for a tall, Blonde and blue eyed donor. Prefer some who is willing to donate for 2 pregnancies.

March 2013


Message: Loving couple ready to start family AI ONLY

February 2013


Message: We are two women who have been in a loving and committed relationship for nearly 3 years and we are now ready to expand our love to a child of our own. We are looking for donation only, please :) Your contribution would change our lives!

November 2012

Central Scotland

Message: I am a lesbian in a relationship looking to have my dream fulfilled by having my little bundle of joy. Ideally a gay donor who is happy to co parent and has family values.

November 2012

Message: Hi, I'm a single lesbian, who's feels like this is the right time to have a baby. Hopefully you will contact me if you feel you can help. Thanks

November 2012

Message: Hi I am looking for someone to help make my dream of becoming a mum come true..

September 2012

Message: Healthy living female nurse looking for sperm donor...getting on a bit now and need help..this would make all my dreams come true..last chance saloon..thanks..

June 2012

Message: Childless couple looking for a donor.

February 2012


Aberdeenshire / Aberdeen

Message: We are a female couple and have been in a civil partnership for 5 years. We are desperate for a baby, preferably with a no-contact donor. Please can you make our dreams come true? Thank you x

January 2012

Message: Lesbian couple in long term loving relationship looking to add to our happines with a baby.

November 2011

Message: So excited at the mere prospect of finding a  sperm donor with the possibility of finally having a child.

August 2011

Message: I am seeking a sperm donor in the Aberdeen/shire area.  If you can help and you'd like to meet or email me to discuss it further, I can't wait to hear from you.  Many thanks!

July 2011

Message: Loving civil partnership lesbian couple looking for a non contact donor, please contact if you can help xx

June 2011

Message: We are looking for someone to help us start our family, we have been told it is not possible for us to conceive naturally due to an accident. We had been trying for over a year when we had found this out and were left feeling devastated and like there was nothing we could do. When we came across this site it gave us some hope that maybe someone could help us fulfill our dream. We are more than ready to be parents.

April 2011

Message: Hi we are a lesbian couple who have been in a reationship for 2 years now and would like to move to the next step and bring a baby into the world

March 2011

Message: Hello!
   we are a lesbian couple, looking for a perfect donor to help start our family. :) we are looking for a slim build guy, with blue eyes. personality traits to be caring, senstitive, likes music and to be passionate about the outdoors. we are a professional couple, and are desperate to start a family. :)

January 2011

Message: Older single woman looking for co parenting donor Scotland or London

January 2011

Message: Married Couple seeking donor in Edinburgh area. We are looking for someone who is in good health; and requires minimum/ no future involvement.Any offers of help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

December 2010

Message: we are a proffessional couple who would love someone to help fullfill our dream of having our own family

December 2010

Message: Hi,  Looking for a donor Edinburgh area or East Coast Scotland.  Must be tall, intelligent and fun.  Would consider co-parent for the right person.  Prefer some very basic contact for child's sake.  Please get in touch for more info.  Thanks.

October 2010

Message: Lesbian couple looking to complete family with a second baby (already have 19m old from previous donor). Unable to use previous donor, so looking for new donor who does not want future contact with child (this is important to us). AI only. All travel expenses / STD costs will be paid. Can you help us ?

August 2010


Message: My husband and I are looking for an experienced caucasian donor. We would like to find someone in the Ayrshire area, but are open to the 
idea of travel. We do NOT want a co-parent situation and would relieve you of all 
"parental" duties concerning any offspring.  We are looking for strictly AI only.  Thanks

July 2010

Message: Donor wanted. Lesbian couple ready and eager to start family. Been together several years and are looking forward to completing our family. If you can help, get in touch! Look forward to hearing from you...

June 2010

Message: Hello....Can you help?
Attractive Lesbian couple...looking to start a family as soon as possible....Have been together for a few years now and feel the time is right to start a family....We are looking for the sperm donation only and no further contact...Please get in touch if you can help...??? Thanks :)

June 2010

Message: Hi, We are new to this all and we are looking for a sperm donor, we would realy appreciate it if any donors in our area could contact us. Thank you xx

April 2010


Message: Couple seek donor in the Edinburgh/Midlothian area. We cannot have our own family and would appreciate any help offered. Many thanks

March 2010

Message - 44 year old widowed mother of 2 intelligent beauties seeks healthy sperm to make our family complete. I'm strongly independent, an excellent mother, financially secure We all want a new baby to love. Please help us!

March 2010

Message: lesbian couple,married looking for donor,no contact after conception...

January 2010

Message: Hi guys. We are Pam and Carole, lesbian soulmates who have been deeply in love for six years. Our friends reckon we would make smashing parents and our dog, Ziggy would agree. 
We are both professionals and could provide a loving, stable, healthy and safe environment for our child.
We are into films and music is a huge part of our lives. We spend a lot of time entertaining at home and like nothing better than to cook dinner for friends. We have done a fair bit of travelling but have lots more to see.
We cannot imagine our lives without children and, at 29, Carole is at a perfect age to be having our first of what we hope will become two or maybe even three. 
We would love to hear from guys in Scotland who would be willing to help us become parents. We are based in central Scotland but would be willing to travel to a mutually convenient location. Cheers x

November 2009

Message: Hi....Been with my partner for 5 years now and we are desperate to start a family...if you live in scotland and would be keen to help then please contact us...Thanks :) x

November 2009

Message: hey there, 
Me and my lesbian partner are planning on having a baby. We are keen to find someone who has light hair, blue eyes and quite tanned to match my partners appearance.

October 2009

Message: We are a lesbian couple in Ayrshire, Scotland.  We have been together for over 5years and are looking for a sperm donor to help us complete our family.  Many thanks. 

August 2009

Message: Married lesbian couple seeking sperm donor to complete our family! We are a professional couple that longs to provide a baby a loving, stable upbringing. Please get in contact with us to make our dreams come true! We live in Glasgow, Scotland

June 2009

Glasgow, Scotland

Message: I am a single 38yr old woman desperate to become a mum, but have not met the right man.  I am financialy stable, comfortable and happy with my life and have so much love and stability to offer to a child.  Please help me out. x

June 2009

Message: Hi, we are a married lesbian couple who are looking for a donor who would be happy with a small amount of contact with the child, or none if preferred.

June 2009

Message: Hi looking for a sperm donor in the central scotland region to make our dreams come true. Me and my partner have been together for 16 years and would like the chance to have a child.  My partner had a vasectomy in his last marriage and the nhs willl not help and to go private it will cost to much and they told us that having a reversal chances are very low.  So hopefully this site will give us the chance to become parents.  Please email if you can help.

March 2009

Message: We are a married lesbian couple, who have been together for 16 years.  We would love to complete our family by having a baby together. You will be giving us the ultimate gift in life....the chance to be parents.

February 2009

My partner and i are in a same sex relationship, we are looking to start a family, i am 26 my partner 31, we both work. if u can help us please get in contact. thank you

February 2009

Message: I am a single woman, nearly 36, haven't met the father of my children yet and don't want to leave it too late.  Am intelligent, healthy and attractive.  Everyone who knows me says I'd make a wonderful mother, so if you would like to help me out, please conact me.  Thanks

January 2009

No longer required, thanks!

Message: I would like to have a baby.  My ex-husband told me before we married he did not children, afterwards that he did not. Living in an isolated area it is hard to meet someone else.  I have worked as a teacher and love children, animals, books and beautiful places.

January 2009

Message: Hi, Im a 34 year old single, hetersexual woman.  Im 5'5", slim, attractive with long dark hair.  Sadly havent found Mr Right and the biological clock is ticking!  Looking for a good looking, intelligent, tall, preferably dark haired man, willing to donate sperm.  Child would have super upbringing; I own my home in a country setting, have a good income and a supportive family.  Tayside.  Interested? Then please get in touch xx

January 2009

Message: we are looking for some one to make our dream come true by willing to give us sperm that we need to make our life complete, me and my hubby have been together for 6 and a half years and all tho i knew he had the snip from his pervous marrage we decided a year and a half ago that we would like to start a family, nhs wouldnt help us and the prices for treatment to much, so i looked on here for help, we are a loving couple and have a supportive family. if any one could help please e-mail the above addy. thank u.

January 2009

Message: Hello,
We are a loving, financially stable, married couple based in the Highlands seeking a donor in Scotland to help us start our family. We are looking for AI only, with all tests, and no contact after birth, although we are hoping to have more than one! We may be able to travel, depending on location, or help with travel costs. Getting into specifics--we would love to speak with men who have green/hazel/blue eyes, dark hair, and aren't necessarily tall! Please do get in touch if you can help!
Thanks for your time,

December 2008

Message: Young same sex couple looking for a young fit donor to help make our dreams to come true.

November 2008

edinburgh scotland

Message: hi im looking for a donor to donate sperm in the edinburgh area?

September 2008


Message: Hello.  This is my second time registering with the site.  Unfortunately, due to a problem with my subscription payment, by previous account was deleted, along with all of the contacts I had made and stored in my "inbox", so if you think you may have contacted me before....Please do so again!!  Thanks!

September 2008

Scotland, Fife

Message: Loving Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor to help us start our family looking for AI caucasion only... thank you

August 2008

Message: Hi there, we're a female couple in our thirties. We're are at the stage where we are looking to start our family and are hoping that someone out there will be willing to assist!

August 2008

Area_MssgBrd: Scotland

Message: Look for blonde or light brown hair with blue eyes donor. This is so the child will be similar to first child. Would like someone aged up to 35

August 2008

Area_MssgBrd: scotland and west lothian

Message: I am a 27year old single women who already has one son aged 7 who was concieved naturaly, I have given up on finding mr. right and am therefore looking for a donor so i can give my son a sibling.

June 2008

Area_MssgBrd: scotland

Message: white female, 35, christian lady, im sweet, a intelligent,nice person, blue eyes and blonde hair, desperate for a baby asap,never found mr right!!, Wanting to be a mum.  
Looking for a young handsome white 100 per cent scottish or irish man, 20 to 35 yr old men, 6ft/+ male, blue eyes, slim, possibly darh hair,togive me a baby. Possibly a second in future.  Would be great if boys run in genes, as would like a boy but not a necessity.
After donation, wish for donor to have no contact with child, will be happy to send annual photos of child if donor wishes.
Please must be willing to provide proof of clear aids/hiv test and std tests, prior to donation of sperm. Are you able to donate at short notice, and donate more than once, as may take a few months of attempts. Im using ovulation strips to detect ovulation, beginning mid july.  Prepared to travel closer to me for donation. 
Only interested in healthy men none with family history of hereditary serious diseases.  Be happy to provide family medical history for babys benefit.
Thankyou very much, for giving me the opportuntity of producing a life inside me.

June 2008


UK, Scotland

Message: Fall into the category of career woman with a ticking clock. But lots of mitigating factors including losing my husband of 7 years (Royal Marine, married aged 22), dad (diagnosed 57, dead 60, Prostate Cancer) and best male friend (30yrs old motorbike crash, hit and run) all within 3 years. VERY successful career wise, dating, frankly can't be arsed with the dross that's around, last P60 was circa £50K
Great family, mum, aunty, brother and sister in law currently pregnant - has made me realise I want to be a mum and not just an aunt. My whole life ready to make this commitment.

April 2008

: We are married couple in our 30's looking for a donor in the Glasgow/Lanarkshire/Ayrshire area with blue eyes, brown/fair hair and A+ or O+ blood group.  Would prefer no involvement after conception. Unable to have children as husband has had chemo.  Please get in touch if you are able to help.

March 2008

I am an older woman looking to try IVF treatments as a single mother with some involvement from a father.  I am financially secure, lively and energetic with a good network behind me.  I do feel fathers are important for children's sense of identity so I would like to hear from anyone who would like to be known in any childs' life on whatever basis.  Do get in touch if you would like to chat.

March 2008

Hi, Myself & my female partner are hoping to have a child in the near future.  We are looking for a sperm donor who could help us.  We both come from large close families and would love to be able to start a family of our own.  We are both professionals working in the field of health & child development.  Please get in touch if you feel you can help, we would be happy to discuss all options.

March 2008

: I'm a 45 year old single woman and caring for a terminal parent has delayed my plans to start a family until now. I'm hoping to try this summer and if its meant to be it'll happen. I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who might be able to help.

January 2008

I am in mid 20's single straight female looking for a donor in edinburgh area. any age hair colour doesnt matter neither does eye colour. please email me on You can be as involved as you would like.

January 2008

we are a lesbian couple looking for a decent man with good values to help us in our quest to become parents and complete our family.

January 2008

We are a female couple in Scotland looking for a sperm donor who can help. We are willing to travel so please get in contact! Many Thanks.

July 2007

Donor wanted with some uncle role involvement to help with IVF treatment.  I am solvent, well adjusted and happy.  Would be delighted to chat over options

Contact me to discuss donation options!
Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

June 2007

Hi 37 year old single woman looking for a generous sperm donor to help me fulfill my dreams of a 2nd baby
after 16 years of searching.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide


May 2007

We are strong lesbian couple who are desperate to have a child - please help us we will make sure this child is the happiest in the world.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

May 2007

Hi, I'm Julie, a 39 yr young lady from Scotland. Currently single and longing for a baby.
The clock is ticking, can anyone help?

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

April 2007

We are a happily married couple late 20's & early 30's, living outside Glasgow (Ayrshire)Unable to have children as husband had chemotherapy as a boy. Would love to meet a donor willing to help us.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

April 2007

Im a single female looking for a sperm donor in the Tayside/Angus or surrounding area.  Would prefer none or limited contact with donor after conception.  Please get in touch if you are able to help.  Thank you.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

Jan 2007

I am a single female living just outside of Glasgow, approaching 34 in next few months and haven't met the
right partner but am desperate to be a mum before time runs out! Can anyone help?
Would consider co-parenting with the right person!

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide


October 2006

Lesbian couple wanting children sperm desperately needed

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


October 2006

39 year old, succesful woman, who unfortunately has not found the correct partner but who knows
they would make a fabulous mum. Can you help?

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


August 2006

Hi there, we are a happy married couple missing one thing - A child. We are looking to find a healthy, genuine donor willing to help, Blue or Green eyes in the Glasgow Area.Please Help us become parents.

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide


July 2006

Hi- Im a 22 year old lesbian student nurse in Scotland looking for a sperm donor!

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Celibate heterosexual woman mid 30 s seeks sperm donor or co-parent.
Would prefer donor to have integrity and be intelligent and self-aware.
Some contact for the child preferred.
Artificial insemination only.
Isle of Lewis Scotland

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Lesbian couple 40+ from Glasgow, in stable long-term relationship. Would love a child of our own to love & care for. Can you help us make our dream become reality?

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Seeking white male to be a sperm donor for an early to mid thirties couple to make our dreams come true. Trying for 11yrs without success, anybody out there willing to help please. Scotland, Fife

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Scotland - April 2006

Wanted - UK donor - must be flexible with GSOH, wants minimal or limited contact. Please help!

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Scotland April 4 2006

Lesbian couple looking to extend our brood. Living in Scotland but could provide travel expenses. No parental involvement from donor sought but any child must be able to contact at 18.

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2006

We are a lesbian couple who live in glasgow, and would love to have a child. we have been together for 6 years.
Can anyone out there help us?

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2006

Single woman,36yrs.ready to be a mum,as clock ticking!.co-parenting/joint access considered.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

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