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August 2014


Message: Nice to meet to you.
I'm living in Tokyo and often travel in the UK.
If you are available in those area and interested in meeting, please contact.

September 2013

Neidersachsen Germany

Message: Ich bin spät 30er Jahre und schon lange Kinderwünsche gehabt habe, aber nee die richtigen Partner gefunden. Ich wünsche mich sehr ein kleines Lebewesen  zumeist Welt zu bringen und meines lebenslang daran auf diesen Entwicklung freuen, zittern, und mitfiebern (bin übrigens Amerikanerin und habe englisch als mein Muttersprache)... Wie schon könnte es sein? Könnte ich nur träumen und hoffen. Bist du bereit mich am meine Träume teilzunehmen und wahrmachen?  Ich bin 39 Amerikaner, lebe seit 13 Jahre in Deutschland, habe Politik studiert und bin Frührentnerin auf gesundheitlich Gründe. Bin auch verwitwet. Noch fragen? Ich freue mich auf deinem Kontakt...

August 2013


Message: Looking for a Hindu Indian healthy male with good height

June 2013


Message: Hi, we are a lesbian couple from China. I am a university lecturer, and my partner is in human resource. We are really desperate here. Both of us are 30 years old and we have been thought about having a baby for a long time. We would be very very grateful if you can help us. We are willing to travel to your country.

April 2013

Sperm Donor Wanted in France please

Message: Sperm donor wanted please, please, please
for loving couple to complete their family 3 hours from Mayenne 5300 France. Please e-mail for our information and to chat further. Many thanks

March 2013


Message: We are an African lesbian couple that married last year in beautiful Cape Town in South Africa. We are looking for a black/ mixed race donor to complete our happy family. We live in Tunisia in North Africa and are willing to travel to meet the donor.

February 2013

UK, US, AU, Others

Message: Tall, highly educated, single, Danish woman living in Copenhagen, 41 years old, with the ressources(love and care + stable economy) to take care of a child alone is looking for a tall, highly educated man to be a sperm donor. Unfortunately, I have not succeeded in finding a lovely man in time as I had always hoped, so I have to do this alone as my wish for a child is the highest wish of my life. Therefore, I would be so enormously grateful if you would help me. I promise I will do everything that is in my power to be a fantastic mum!

January 2013

South Africa, Cape Town

Message: Hi we are a married couple looking for donor

May 2012

UK, Australia, US, worldwide and NZ

Message: I am looking for a genuine sperm donor who is caucasion. I am Asian and my husband is caucasion.

May 2012


Message: Im looking for sperm donor or co-parent from Japan, but I can visit your country for your donation

April 2012

Message: We are a married couple searching for a sperm donor willing to travel to BAHRAIN to donate. All expenses paid. No obligations other that donation and a medical checkup all covered

March 2012


Message: I am looking for a speerm donor close to where I live in Kaiserslautern Germany. My husband and I are both 32 and looking forward to expanding our family!

December 2011

Message: I'm a 30 year old single woman from Finland. I'm looking for a known donor from Europe, who I could stay in contact with through the child's life. I'm not looking for a co-parent. I'm planning to use european sperm bank. A donor from Denmark, Germany, Spain or Italy would be ideal.

November 2011

UK and Austria

Message: Can you help us start a family? - we are a couple who have been trying to have a baby for 5 years with no joy and are looking for a sperm donor. We are a loving couple who can provide a great home for a child.

September 2011


Message: 2 ladies looking to become mommies.

March 2011

South Africa

Message: Recently widowed Mother who desperately wants to provide a sibling for her child.

June 2010

Message: Hi, I'm looking for a donor in London or Thailand who can help me out. I'm a 40 year old single British woman living in Thailand.

February 2010

Mallorca Spain

Message: hi there we are a married female couple hoping to find a suitable donor who would be willing to help us complete our family....
we have recently moved from the uk to spain to start a new life, if you think you could help please get in touch......

July 2009

Message: I am a primary school teacher working in Hong Kong with a fairly international lifestyle I would like to share with a child.  
I was a graphic designer and am working towards a PhD in development education so creativity, intelligence and helping the world are important considerations in finding someone to have a child with.  Hopefully you would be willing to be a friendly "uncle" at some point if all works out well.

January 2009

hong kong, australia

Message: we are a lesbian couple living in Hong Kong looking for a sperm donor in Hong Kong or Australia. 

September 2008

Austria, Vienna

Message: Charakterfeste Lesben suchen einen Samenspender: We   two Anglo-Austrian women in Vienna   are looking for someone to help us out of the goodness of his heart, no complications or parenting. Bitte schreibt uns.

November 2007

I´m 38 years old, happy mother living with my daughter and big dog, Elvis.  Was married for 6 years, it didn´t turn out as expected.  Giving my daughter a little brother or sister would make all of us VERY happy!

Looking for a sperm donor in Sweden- contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

August 2007


hi everyone,
we are an italian lesbian couple wanting desperately to have a baby. We have valuated the option of a clinic, but we would like to meet the donor personally. We deeply believe in gay parenting and are very active in Italy with the gay family organizations.
Please help us to make our dream come true.

Contact us if you will donate in Italy - through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Submitted Feb 26 2006

White Sperm donor wanted for a lesbian couple living in Guernsey, Channel Islands. Must be willing to undergo medical checks.

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

Sperm donor; black male athlete, good looking, generous and happy outgoing personality

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

American in Paris searching for a sweet, sperm donor to help her and her partner realize their dream of a child. We are not asking for anything from you, however, your presence in the chIld's life is welcome. Contact us if you can help.

Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

August 2006

I am a young 41 yr old black female.
I am looking for a special sperm donor who can make my dreams come true.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2007

Shanghai-based mixed couple seeking a healthy degreed white male donor. European family background with O blood type a plus. Will cover all related travel & hotel expenses to visit us in this exciting city.


Contact us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

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