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Message Board for Northern Ireland - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Northern Ireland!
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February 2018

Message: Hi there, I'm a single professional 40 year old women. I have always wanted children but have not been in the right relationship to start a family. At this age and stage of my life I know that I would be very happy as a single parent with lots of good friends (with children) and family around me. I am a happy positive person and work as an environmental consultant but feel there is that part of my life missing. I would so love the opportunity to bring a child into this world in a loving and fun environment. I am told and do feel like that I am very good with children. If you think you would like to help me please get in touch.

March 2016

Message: Hi we are a loving couple with a 12 year old daughter and are looking to extend our family. Well settled home owners. We would really appreciate your help and would prefer a donor who is not seeking to co parent, please get in touch so we can find our perfect match.

November 2010

Message: we are a female couple 34 and 48 , have tried IUI treatment and failed , looking for a kind donor to help us fullfill our dream we are in Belfast Northern Ireland and would like someone near by as to not inconviance you . your gift will be loved and nurtured by two very kind and gentle women . 
thank you

December 2008

Message: we are looking for donor in northern ireland,white,pref blonde or brown hair,

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