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Message Board for Northamptonshire - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Northamptonshire!
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June 2013

Message: Please feel free to contact us if you are in a position where you could help us create a sibling for our baby boy AI only thank you

June 2012

Message: Hi all - just starting out here and hoping to conceive next year. Looking forward to the journey :)

November 2011

Message: I am looking for a sperm donor. Young, professional single woman. Well-educated and ready to settle down with a baby. Please help!

July 2010

UK /East Midlands

Message: We are a single sex couple who are mums to our daughter, she is seeking a sibling and we are hoping to be blessed with another little person to love and add to our family. We are based in Northampton and have just become members.Donors, please see our profile for more information and help us on this journey. Emma & Kay.xx

January 2010

Message: Hi my name is Mags, im a single person looking for a sperm donor who maybe help me to conceive. Thanks

December 2008

Message: Hi
I am a single 36 year old female who is longing to have a child of her own. I am looking for a donor who will be willing to help me make my dream come true.

May 2008

We are a stable couple who already have one child and we long to have another child to complete our family.we are looking for a white male to help us so please contact us if you feel you may like to help.

August 2007

Hi we are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor who is willing to help us. we will look forward to your e-mail if poss can you included photos thankyou.

Please contact us if interested in helping - sperm donor wanted in Northampstonshire!

Jan 2007

Hi.. 42yr old,caring,loving,genuine female who longs to be a mum to make her life so much more complete and special...would love to here from anyone who'd like to help..?

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Jan 2007

Healthy tall blue/green eyed donor wanted. Chilled out temperament, with a sense of humour.

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Infertile couple seeking donor to complete our family, must be white, any age,brown hair and in good health, we are willing to travel, I would prefer the donor to already have a proven record of fertility ( we learn't it can't be taken for granted) No involvement & A.I prefered

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