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Message Board for New Zealand - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in New Zealand!
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August 2015

Message: Hi there,
We are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor. 
We have been together for nearly 7 years and we have a loving, respecful and healthy relationship. 
My partner and I (31 and 40) have good jobs and financially prepared for a baby.
We prefer someone who wants no contact to the child (but who is happy to meet her/him when over 18y if she/he wants);
have a really good health, don't smoke or use drugs and don't drink (drinking ocasionally is ok); and someone who is happy to
sign a sperm donor agreement.
(but we are happy to send photos of the child and give you some information about child's life once a year)
We want nothing more than becaming good mammas! :) 
If anybody reading this, 
has any serious offers of donation or maybe has any questions they'd like to ask us then please do send us a message.
Thank you very much for your time! :)

June 2015

Wellington, New Zealand

Message: We are two happily married, professional ladies in our early 30's, looking for some help to start a family. If you think you could help us out with sperm donations, please e-mail. 

June 2015

Auckland, New Zealand

Message: Hi, we are Shannon and Jake and we are looking to have our first child with the help of a sperm donor. We have been together for more than twelve years and married for six of those years, and we have often discussed having children over that time. Now it's the right time!

March 2015

Message: Single straight female age 40 recently separated trying to have a child.

February 2015

Message: Kia ora, we are in a lesbian relationship and my  partner of 9 years and I are looking for a sperm donor to help us to complete our family. Our ideal donor wouldbe part Maori and open to a once to twice a year visit where one of us would bring your child to you for a visit. Beyond this we would have no expectations of you and can commit to giving your child a warm, safe and living home. We already have a daughter together and although we get on well with her father now that he is in a relationship he is unable to be the father of the second child that we want so badly. Thank you to all you men out there who give such a beautiful and precious gift so freely and out of love.

January 2015


Message: Hi,
I am a 41 year old single woman, living in Palmerston North. My greatest wish is to have another child, but as I have been single for many years now, I can't see myself having the opportunity before it's too late.I have had another child through FSDW, who is now 2 years old. I would so love him to grow up with a brother or sister to play with! If you can help me I would be very grateful!

January 2015

Message: Hi we are a lesbian couple, who are engaged and have been together for 4 years, we wish so much to complete our family with a child, we currently have no children, we are 30 and 38 years old.

August 2014

Message: Im a maori and tongan. My partner is aussie. I would like sperm donor simular to my background. So we can start our family.

June 2014

New Zealand, Auckland and Australia, Sydney

Message: Hi I'm LOOKING FOR A SPERM DONOR in Auckland, NZ or Sydney.  I've recently broken up with my long term partner because he said for many years he wanted to have kids, but actually he doesn't. Having a family is the most important thing in life to me.
I'm a very caring, artistic, educated and thoughtful person. Interested in spirituality. I'm 5'7", slim. I have a well-paid job and am financially secure so I can provide for the child with no problem. I will be a supportive, nurturing mother who believes in instilling good values in a child. I'm Asian and would love to have a Eurasian baby.  If that sounds like you please email me with your vital statistics and a little bit about yourself.  
This isn't an ideal situation for me but these are the cards I've been dealt with so I'm going to try have a loving family life as much as I can. I would prefer to meet the person first. Thanks for reading.

April 2014

Message: Lesbian couple seeking sperm donor: I'm a high school teacher (30) and my girlfriend of 6 years works in forensics (32) and we currently live in central Auckland. This year we want very much to start our family and we're seeking a donor to help make this happen. We are happy for the donor to have some contact if they wish such as photos or occasional visits which can all be discussed. Email if willing to help.

February 2014

Message: I am looking for a sperm donor as my husband is infertile. I am very keen to hear from sperm donors in south island New Zealand.

January 2014

North Island

Message: We are a 27 and 34 year old female married couple. We have been together nearly 7 years and are wanting to start a family. And we have been recommended this website to find the best sperm donors. 

December 2013


June 2013

New Zealand

Message: Professional Theater/Film Artisan seeking assistance in creating an angel.

April 2013

New Zealand and Australia

Message: Hi, we are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor, preferably part New Zealand/Maori ethnicity. Thank you

February 2013

Message: Hi we are a lesbian couple looking for a donor. Preferably Maori/Polynesian , but we are open to consideration. Please message me for more information , cheers :)

January 2013

Message: We are an established stable lesbian couple, needing a donor to help us have a baby in Auckland. We are kind, caring souls just hoping for a chance to extend our family.

January 2013

Message: twochix have been together ten years, only thing missing from it is kids, would love to start a family but need a sperm donor, looking at starting sooner rather than later, as I'm (V) is 40:)

December 2012

Message: Hi my name is Paula, I'm a 42 year old single woman and am looking for a sperm donor to help me to have a child. I am an aunt and godmother to a bunch of boisterous boys, but I have so much more love to give and having my own child would be a dream come true.

September 2012


Message: Stable and loving parents to two beautiful girls. An accident caused my infertility in January hence our advert to find our way to our dream.

April 2012

Message: Hi there... I am a 38 yr old euro woman, living in Auckland. After many years raising one child, I have found the years have flown by and I haven't yet found the man to spend my life with, and so haven't been able to have any more children. I long to have another child more than anything. I am a part time music teacher, and consider myself to be friendly and outgoing! Maybe part of the reason I haven't met 'him' yet is that I don't hang out down at the local pub or bar, or wherever it is that people seem to meet! In fact, my life is pretty much looking after my son, my 3 foster kids, church, and a bit of music here and there! I would so appreciate anyone that is kind enough to help out a person in my situation. I sincerely hope this doesn't offend, but I would want the donor to be happy to be uninvolved in the raising of the child, as I believe this could get complicated!

September 2011

Message: Hi there.  I am 41yr sgl woman and a mum to a 17yr and 2yr old.  I would love to give them a sibling before I get any older.

September 2011

Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Message: 25 yr old healthy female looking for sperm donor to help me become a single mum. Am in secure stable job so will provide a healthy loving future for a child/ren.

August 2011

Message: Aus or NZ caucasian sperm donor wanted for same sex female couple. Prefer over 25 yrs of age, STI and HIV tests, expenses covered, no shared parenting, legal contract.

June 2010


Message: Hi there. Although I am aware that not all a persons dreams can come true, I am hoping that mine to have a child will! I am a professional woman in her late 30s who has just moved north and is seeking a suitable donar. Let me know if you think that you could help and I look forward to hearing from you.

October 2010

Message: i am looking for a donor, to full fill my dream

August 2010

Message: I have had a wonderful life and career, now at 42 I'm ready to fill in the missing link. Tiny feet! Im level headed, sensible, caring and loving. Being told by many I would make a wonderful mother and I think so too. Unfortunately, have not found Mr Right & time is ticking. Hopefully the right man can help!

July 2010

Message: 34 Year old single mother of one looking for a sperm donor to complete my family.

May 2010

Message: Wanting a dream to come true to add a wee angel to my already
wonderful family,after seeing a fertility clinic and being diagnosed with P.O.F i only have a short time to make my dream come true .wanting to find that special man who can help.

March 2010

Message: Hi I'm 40, straight, single woman who dearly wants my own child. I never imagined that I'd get to this age and not have a child of my own. I'm a warm, kind-hearted loving woman seeks Caucasian sperm donor in Auckland area to fillfull my dream.
I believe that I would make a great mother and would love to get the chance to do this.
I would be interested in talking about some sort of co-parenting role.I would love to hear from you if you could help.

November 2009

Message: married couple looking for sperm donor can any please help us

October 2009

Message: Hi we are a married couple with male factor infertility. We have a daughter from IVF but have not been able to have any more children despite further IVF. We would love to add to our family and are seeking a kind donor to help make our family complete. Thanks

October 2009

Message: Hi, I'm a 35 yr old single woman in the Wellington area. I have a little boy and would really love to add to our family and have another child. I'm open to discussing level of involvement with the child. Can you help?

October 2009

Message: Hi am looking for a sperm donor in the south island or canterbury area

May 2009

Message: Hi, Im a single woman signing up for the first time wanting to find a donor,Im really looking forward to what the future may hold:)

May 2009

Message: Hi we are a lesbian couple of 9yrs wanting to start a family. We both come from big families and dream to have one of our own. We currently living in the Bay of Plenty. So if you think you can make our dream come true please contact us.  Thank you.

May 2009


Message - Hi, I'm a 37 yr old single mum of one.  Want to complete my family, and give my son a brother or sister.  I love parenting, and am seeking a kind, fertile and healthy man to help me make this dream come true.  So if you're in the region, and are prepared to be a donor, drop me a line!

April 2009

Message: Tena koe, I'm a Maori woman in my mid-30s living with my girlfriend in Wellington.  I've been trying to find a Maori man to have a baby with for a couple of years, but it has fallen through each time. Please contact me if you can help, or want to know more.  Thank you.

March 2009

We are a married couple living in the Manawatu region. We are desperatly trying to have a baby but need
a sperm donor with brown/black or blonde hair and blue eyes to help make this happen. We would also like the donor to have either o+ or A+ blood group if possible. If you feel you can help please contact me on

January 2009

Message: Im 34, married and would love to be a mum. If you can help, I'd love to hear from you.

Sept 2008

Auckland lesbian couple looking for man to act as sperm donor. Happy if you wish to play some role in childs life or not. We are both in late 30's with great health and good jobs and we would dearly love to have a child to complete our lives. If you are interested please email us.

August 2008

Message: We have just begun our search/research into finding a suitable donor of sperm to start our very own loving little family and we came across this website. We are an established couple that have just recently become civil unioned in New Zealand which was an amazing experience in a beautiful loving ceremony with close family and friends. We are a couple of 28 and 23 and both have been in full time employment for a good part of our lives - one half being a nanny and the other on the road as a service tech - we are emotionally and finacially stable and ideally are looking for a donor for the beginning of next year 2009. We are happy for the donor to have involvement in the childs life (or not) as the donor would see fit but we have no problem with the child knowing who their father would be if and when the time came etc or having active involvement as we believe shared parenting can only mean more loving parents for the child and we would be keen to use the same donor for another future child. We are both relaxed and responsible women that are ideally looking for a good and obviously healthy man to help furfil the dream of starting a family as I am sure you know it is not the easiest to do in a less than typical 'relationship'
If you may have any questions or any interest in replying it would be great to hear back from you 

July 2008

Healthy sperm donor wanted for single mum in Bay of Plenty. I would love to conceive a brother or sister for my young child and to complete my family. Able to travel within region if needed. Might you be willing and able to help my dream come true?

June 2008

Message: Hi I'm a single womyn wanting to start a family.  I live in Christchurch and am happy to consider someone who would like to co-parent or not! I am a teacher and social worker who knows a lot about children...

May 2008 - Auckland

23 year old in the Auckland area wanting to start a family. Looking for a donor who is open to the
Natural method, but will consider AI


May 2008

Single woman in Auckland seeking donor

March 2008

Hi. We are a lesbian couple seeking a sperm donor to help us start our family. We are aged 34 and 35 and we have been together for 14 years. We are flexible about the level of contact a donor would have with the child

February 2008

Two lovely girls, aged 28 and in a civil union for 2 years are ready to start a family!

November 2007

Hi. Im a single 33 year old female wishing to start a family.  I am happy, caring, honest, family orientated and financially independent.  I'm a Personal Trainer and Manager at a Gym. Thanks for looking at my ad.

Looking for private New Zealand sperm donor- please contact me
- Free Sperm Donors Worldwide!

Sept 2007

I am a 39 year old heterosexual woman who has decided to start a family on my own as waiting for the right partner to come along may just mean its too late for me. I am healthy active, youthful and attractive ( good genes!). I have a close family and they are completely supportive of my decision though I am financially independent. I am creative, well travelled  and have a degree in English literature. Having worked in television for many  years I am now doing a degree in Fine Arts.  I have scans and tests and all looks to be in working order. Now that I have made this big decision I would like to start trying to get pregnant as soon as possible. I am interested in a donor who is clear about being known to the child from the beginning but the extent of that involvement will be something we can discuss. I look forward to hearing from you guys who are willing to help me on my journey. I cant wait!
> Please reply through the site - username FiplanB

August 2007

Love, friends, family, nature, diversity, open-mindedness, compassion, respect, kindness, good food; these are the things we value and hope to be able to offer a child. We are a lesbian couple, both professionals, and we are looking for a donor. 

Looking for private New Zealand sperm donor- please contact us
through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide!

May 2007

Lesbian couple seek sperm donor.
We are in our early thirties and have been together for 13 years, and are based in Christchurch.
We would be happy for the donor to have some contact with the child, or, no contact.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

May 2007

Successful single woman Looking for a blonde/blue donor in NZ or Oz

Contact me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide

April 2007

Sperm donor wanted in the Oamaru/Otago area for 34 year old single woman.  
I had a stillborn child 7 years ago, and am now ready to try again. 

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

April 2007

Need Help in NZ!
Please rescue me from my current plight & help me have a happy, healthy child. I'm financially secure, live in NZ and will provide the kind of happy home I enjoyed.

Contact me through Free Sperm Donations Worldwide


March 2007

Lesbian couple in 20's looking for a Donor so we can start our family. Would like to find someone who
doesn't mind meeting the child at some stage.

EMail us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide by Clicking Here

August 2006

Hi- Im a 35 year old single woman living in Aukland. I was in a relationship for 5 years in the past and we didnt get pregnant. I would now like to have a baby using donor sperm. I have a loving supportive family and am financially stable. I am educated to post graduate level and am of european extraction. It would be good to find someone who wouldnt mind meeting the child at some point. Thanks in advance for your reply.

EMail me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide by Clicking Here

August 2006

I am a 34 year old single woman. I have longed for a baby for years but have only recently got to a position in my life where I am ready. I am financially stable with a good job, supportive family and lots of love to give. All that is missing is man. Time is running out and I know it's not fair to anyone to enter into a relationship just to have a baby. that's why I know I have to go it alone. I'm looking for a healthy man accessible to Auckland who is able to help me make my dreams come true.

EMail me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide by Clicking Here

May 2006

"Single, 29 year old woman seeking a sperm donor in / around Christchurch, NZ. All upbringing rights and responsibilities on me, but would appreciate if the child could meet donor, when older, for any questions they may have regarding their genetics."

EMail me through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide by Clicking Here


Donor in mid - upper North Island region, who may desire a co-parenting arrangement. I am healthy, non-smoking 37 yr old professional woman in a 8 1/2 yr lesbian relationship. We own our life-style block, enjoy kayaking, tramping, fishing, biking and the outdoors.

EMail us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide by Clicking Here

Hi. Committed lesbian teachers(ages 29 and 31) in stable relationship seeking healthy donor to complete our dream to start a family. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you.

EMail us through Free Sperm Donors Worldwide by Clicking Here

Two fun loving 35 year old teachers from Central Otago who have been in a
very stable relationship for nearly 10 years seek a healthy donor to start
our family. We are hoping to hear from someone in the lower South Island
(NZ) to help us on the way to become loving parents.

No longer needed, thanks!

Sperm Donor Offered
Auckland, New Zealand

I am NZ European, 44, professional, a non-smoker, and offer to donate sperm  by A.I. I seek some involvement in the child's upbringing and believe I can make a positive contribution. I am reliable, sincere, communicative, playful, and with a sense of humour. Also I am fit and healthy and enjoy the outdoors; walking, swimming, gardening, bush and beach. I am heterosexual and monogamous. Medical test results are available (including sperm count). For more information please email me!

EMail me by Clicking Here


Hi, committed lesbian couple seeking healthy donor, to make our dream complete in Auckland region NZ.Age 39, healthy, wanting to add to our family. Look forward to hearing from that special someone, Thanks Tracey and Vicki.

No longer required!

We have found a donor and have been trying for the last two months.
Thank you for allowing us to advertise on your site, we had a good response and would recommend this to anyone wanting to find a donor.

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