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Message Board for Canada- Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in Canada!
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December 2014

Victoria, BC

Message: Looking for mulato or European.

September 2014

British Columbia

Message: My partner and I are dying to start a family but due to medical reasons he is not able to have children. We are looking for a gentleman who is healthy and willing to help us out; prefer in the Vancouver area.

May 2014

Ontario Canada

Message: Looking for advice on obtaining a donor and raising a successful donor child.

February 2014

Toronto, Canada

Message: Hi There, I am a successful, loving, healthy and happy  single woman who is ready to become a mother. I have a ton of amazing support from friends and family,  so I'm looking for a sperm donor to make this possible. I would be willing to travel to make this happen.  Thank you!

February 2014

Message: Lesbian couple looking for sperm donor in Canada.

February 2014

Message: My partner and I are a lesbian couple looking for an Asian or South-East Asian AI only donor in the Ottawa area.  STD tests and a donor contract will be requested.  We'd be grateful to hear from you!

December 2013

Ontario, Ottawa

Message: Hi there! I am single, financially and emotionally secure and looking to start a family. I am looking for a donor in the Ottawa area. STD tests will be required. It will be required that the donor sign a contract waiving all parental rights and I will waive any financial obligations.

November 2013

Nova Scotia

Message: Couple looking for donor in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. We would love to have a child together and are looking for someone to assist. Would like blonde hair, blue eye.

July 2013

Ontario, Canada

Message: Hi there! I'm a single lesbian who has worked really hard to do everything I can to be a mom.  Unfortunately, I can no longer afford this through the clinics I was using but I refuse to believe all is lost!  I am a professional woman, with much emotional and physical stability.  I have a lot to be grateful for in my life with one irreplaceable thing missing.

April 2013


Message: Committed couple looking to have a child after vasectomy 9 years ago. Able to provide a financially stable wonderful home for a child.

April 2013

Canada-British Columbia

Message: Hi 32 year old single starting her own family, please help.
Can travel in BC, would pay for donor to come to Prince George, BC (where I am)

January 2013


Message: Hello, let me say how excited I am at actually having a chance of becoming a mom. I wish all you the best of luck!

January 2013

Canada Alberta Edmonton Area

Message: Hi, my wife and I are dying to start a family! We want 5+ children to share our love with! If you'd like to join us on this journey email me!

January 2013


Message: My partner and I are looking for a Chinese donor
to expand our family, who lives within 2 hours of Ottawa, Ontario. If you can help, please send me a message.

December 2012

Message: we are a lesbian couple living in Guelph ON, wanting to start a family. We are both very open-minded, spiritual and compassionate people. We are environmentally and health conscious. Laughter is important and we consider ourselves to be fun-loving, caring and intelligent. We are financially stable and well educated.
We are looking for a healthy, attractive, open minded and intelligent sperm donor. we look forward to hearing from you.

July 2012

Message: 2 commited women looking to start our family.

June 2012

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Message: Looking forward to being a mother again! I am a mother of a little girl and want to expand our family. Can't wait to give her a sibling!

May 2012

Message: Looking for a attractive anonymous male to donate sperm through AI for an infertile couple. Husband carries a life threatening gene in which we don't want to pass on. Please email us at if u live near Calgary or closer to BC border

May 2012

Ontario - Toronta area

Message: Caucasian couple with years of male infertility seeking caucasian healthy donor - we have a 7yr old child conceived through DI and looking to expand family.

April 2012

Toronto Ontario

Message: Lesbian couple seeking donor to help us complete our family.

April 2012

Message: Young, educated, professional, Scottish couple living in Nova Scotia seek suitable donors to start a family. Please contact us, thanks.

March 2012

Donor found thank you

Message: Looking forward to being a mom again! I have an 8 year old girl who I adore and would love to give her a brother or sister. If there was one thing I've always known I was meant to be, it is a mom. I can't wait to be a mom of two!

February 2012

Message: I am looking for a sperm donor AI, NSA. I can meet anywhere between Toronto-ON and Buffalo-NY.

December 2011

Message: I am a single woman who wants to be a mother, I am professionally employed and enjoy a variety of interests. I have an excellent support system and am ready to enter into motherhood and all the joys and trials that entails!

October 2011

Message: Hello, I'm a single queer woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm very interested in having a child, and have a lot of support in my life around that. I've been going the sperm bank route for several months now, and haven't had much luck. I would love to speak with donors who are interested in helping to create a life that will be very much loved and wanted. Thanks!

August 2011

Message: We are a lesbian couple who have been together in a healthy relationship for six years. We are stable financially and are ready to add to our family. We are looking for an intelligent, good looking, and kind man to help us by donating their sperm.

August 2011

Message: i am looking for someone willing to travel and be a discreet donor

June 2011

Message: Single, foreigner, open-minded lady seeks fresh sperm donor, to conceive a AI baby. I'm in Edmonton area. Please help me out. Will provide all info, co-parenting to be studyed. Why not? Le't meet!!!! Claudia

June 2011

Message: Looking for a sperm donor. I'm ready to have a child. I'm certain now that I'm ready, emotionally and financially to provide a loving and a stable home to my girl or boy.

April 2011

Message: Hello, 
Single female looking for a sperm donor in Ontario, Canada. I am looking for someone who does not want contact following the donation although that would perhaps be open for contact from the child once the child turns 18.

April 2011

Canada/Nova Scotia

Message: Looking for healthy male to donate for us to create our family. Ideally, blue eyes, brown hair living in the province of NOva Scotia. If interested please contact via email Thanks!

March 2011

Message: Hi there,
I am an intelligent, successful athletic single professional female looking for a gay or straight man in the Toronto area who would like to become a father and is interested in a co-parenting arrangement. Does not have to be 50/50, but could be if interested. 
Please drop me a line so we can connect. 

March 2011

Canada Ontario

Message: Single easy going Black female with a mixed background looking to meet potential donors willing to take the required tests..I have many neices and nephews and would now like to have one of my own...feel free to say hello and ask questions.

March 2011

Message: I'm a single woman looking for a sperm donor in the Vancouver area. I've recently turned 40 so time is an important factor for me. I'm hoping to find someone intelligent, kind with a good medical history who either does not want to be involved in the child's life or who, at most wants to be a favorite uncle.

October 2010

Message: Single 36 year old woman looking for donor in Eastern Ontario or Montreal areas.

August 2010

Canada, Ontario

Message: I Do not have any Fertility issues, just an incredible want to become a mother. I tried the fertility clinic because of its intense background information and health screening on their donors. Unfortunately it also comes with a very large price tag that I just can't afford to pay anymore; Which has led me to here. 
I am 23 years old, I own my own home and vehicle. I work for a government run agency in a group home setting to provide relief for families with children and adults with special needs. I absolutely love my work even though its not exactly what I originally set out to do. I studied Early Childhood Education as a stepping stone to become a teacher for children in kindergarten - grade 3. But after being in the group home setting my clients stole my heart and I have now been there for 3 1/2 years. I may seem young to be making this life changing choice but I m just in a place in my life where I am ready for a Child. I also don't believe in trapping a man to get what I want. My brother has been a victim of that crime and its just not right. I just want to have the chance to watch my child and hopefully my grandchildren grow up; I want my parents to be able to crawl around on the ground and play with my child like they do with my two nephews. I want my child to remember their grandparents and their family. It would mean the world to me if you could help me.

May 2010

Message: looking for sperm donor in canada. I have been married and have
been trying for 4 years to have a baby. Please help us.

April 2010

Message: My partner and I are searching for a sperm donor to help us complete our dream of having a child.
Please message me if you are interested.

February 2010

Message: We're hoping to find a sperm donor who would like no contact after conception.

January 2010

Message: Young lesbian couple thinking about starting a family.

August 2009

Alberta Canada

Message: I am a single heterosexual woman in my early 40's.  I am looking for some one in my area to help me make my dream of having a baby come true. I am kind-hearted and generous and I want a child to love. I am a successful professional, but I need help to make my biggest dream come true.

July 2009

Message: Married lesbian couple looking for an East Indian or French-Canadian donor in Ottawa, Ontario

May 2009

Message: Hi,  A commited, married couple looking for a donation.  We are looking for someone preferably in Canada for donation, but willing to look at all other options.  Please contact.

November 2008

Ontario, Canada

Message: We are a healthy happy lesbian couple wanting to start a family,
and are looking for someone to aid us in this endeavour! :)

October 2008

Canada, Alberta

Message: Lesbian couple seeks sperm donor.

July 2008

Message: We are a hetero couple looking for a western canadian donor. We are completely sane, in our early thirties, and can provide a loving and stable family life. We are willing to provide regular photos and updates and are seeking a donor who is open to contact after the child is 18. Please contact us for more info. and to start a dialogue. Thanks!

April 2008

Canada - Ontario

Message: searching for a healthy sperm donor

Lesbian couple together 10 years desperately wanting a child.  We have had two miscarriages and have spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatments. We've now decided to go the low tech way and would be so greatful if you would be willing to help us fullfill our dream.


October 2007

SWF from BC looking for WM SD in Chilliwack area or Fraser Valley. I'm looking for "family features" of light eyes, 5'10" to 6'1" with stocky build (German/Dutch is my ethnic background). Available evenings only. 

Found donor- many thanks!

May 2007

Looking for a donor willing to be the donor for two babies.

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