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Message Board for California - Sperm Donor Wanted or Co-Parenting Wanted in California!
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March 2018

Message: I am very open to a variety of possible paths forward (ranging from limited contact with known donors to a special friend/uncle role). About me: I grew up in New York City (and have the sarcasm to show for it), but have permanently settled in SF and now consider it my home. I have a Ph.D. from Princeton and love my work in both academia and consulting. My work is flexible enough such that I can consider being a solo mom and am really grateful I live in a city, which supports non-traditional families.

February 2018

Message: ISO Caucasian donor 
Green/blue eyes
Blonde/brown hair
Great genes/ medical history 
Athletic / educated
For lesbian couple

November 2017

Message: Happily married lesbian couple of 10 years we would love to start a family. We are grateful for men who are willing to make our dreams come true of conceiving our first child

April 2017

Alameda County, CA, USA

Message: Hello lovely sperm donors, I'm a single woman in Oakland longing to have a baby. I'm looking for a donor within 15-20 minutes drive of Oakland, ideally with little family history of substance abuse or depression. I'm looking for a CMV negative donor (we can test you for this virus if you don't know your status). I'm a white woman ideally looking for a white guy with dark hair, but am flexible on these. Please be in touch if you might want to help me realize my dream of a family.

April 2017

San Diego CA

Message: Located in San Diego, CA. Looking for a donor to do AI. I am unable to do medical insemination due to my current job {AD military.. it's not covered by insurance unless circumstances are medical and have been ongoing for years.} Please contact me if you are willing to help me start my family.

September 2015

San Bernardino County, California, US

Message: We are a young lesbian couple hoping to become parents after a decade-long relationship. We are looking to make a personal connection with a future donor who can help us acheive our goal of building a family. After ten years with a labrador retriever as our plus-one, we are more than ready and hopeful for this next step.

November 2014

Message: Looking to complete my life :)

November 2014

San Francisco, CA USA

Message: I'm looking for sperm donors.

October 2014


Message: hi, me and my soon to be wife are ready to start our family now. we have been together five years and are very excited to make this new journey with our lives

October 2014

Orange County, CA

Message: Hi, we are a lesbian couple looking to get pregnant as soon as possible. I am a therapist and my partner is a professor in psychology. We have 6 year old twins carried by partner. We had tried cryobank a couple of times but unfortunately the cost caught up to us. We are looking for a intelligent, tall, preferably lighter eyed donor. Thank you so much for your consideration. We are looking forward to hearing from you! -Courtney & Kris

August 2014

Los Angeles, Ca

Message: Hello Everyone, My girlfriend and I are starting our journey of trying to conceiv. We;ve been together fot 9 years and were ready to start our family. we are looking for a donor that is either Mexican or Salvadorean. We'd greatly appreciate anyone who could help. Thank you all

June 2014

Sperm donor wanted , usa, inland empire, california

May 2014

Military couple, suffers male infertility. We have exhausted financial means purchasing frozen donor sperm and spent years waiting for an adoption that fell through. We are good people and would love to raise a child together, please help us:

May 2014

Message: Lesbian couple(southern CA) in search of smart,  light skinned Black man approx 6' or taller,  Free from std's and drug and disease free. We are a Hispanic and black couple hoping to bring a child into our lives.

April 2014

Message: Hello!  I'm 38 and my fiancé is 47.  We are looking for a caucasian donor with brown eyes and brown hair who is on the tall side-at or over 6'.  We'd like our child to feel a sense of belonging and look similar to us. We can't wait to be parents and look forward to meeting you!

April 2014

Southern California

Message: We are a lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in the Southern
California area. We are looking for AI only.  You will have no parental
rights or financial responsibility and hope you are willing to sign a
contract stating so. We are a financially stable Hispanic couple ready to
start a family. This will be our first experience trying. Hope to hear from
you soon.

April 2014


Message: we are a 24-25 lesbian couple looking into making a family of our own and we need your help. :)

April 2014

Message: Lesbian couple in sunny Southern CA. We are mainly looking for sperm from someone who has a higher degree education, good interpersonal skills and interesting hobbies. We prefer men with dirty blonde to dark brown straight hair. Caucasian or Hispanic preferred. Someone over 5'8" with an average or athletic build. Normal allergies is OK (seasonal, dust, etc) but we would like to avoid pets (especially), peanut, gluten, etc. We would prefer someone who has limited medical issues in their family history as we do. We have a very supportive family and friend network. 
We are completely open to chatting with anyone and everyone.Feel free to shoot us a message any time.

April 2014

Message: Looking for a healthily/STD free AI sperm donor in the LA area. I am a healthy, gainfully employed woman with an amazing partner looking to start a family. Please help make our dream come true.

March 2014

Message: Hello everyone, We are new to this site. My wife and I have tried IUI 4 times, and have been unsuccessful. We have friends that used this site, and are expecting their baby next month! We are hoping we can meet a Korean donor on this site and try again by using a fresh sample. In a perfect world, we would find a Korean donor that is also willing to meet the child after 18yo also. Please help!

March 2014

Los Angeles County, Ca

Message: Hello I'm Shane and my girlfriend and I are looking for a donor mixed with Mexican and salvadorean so that we can start our family. I look forward to finding the perfect donor. Thanks Shane

March 2014

Message: Loving couple seeks amazing donor to help fulfill dreams of parenthood.

February 2014

Hi Donors!! Thank you! Your donation provides some us with a blessing and mircale we would not otherwise have. I am a single female working in the medical field, who has always wanted nothing more than to have kids and a family.
I come from a great family foundation built on love and honesty, and I seek to provide the same for my children. With your help I can do so.

January 2014

Los Angeles County, Ca

Message: Single parent by choice looking to expand family.

October 2013

Message: Looking for a donor in Northern California. No Co-Parenting please.

September 2013

Inlad Empire

Message: I always pray so god can send me a lithe Angel

August 2013

Message: Married lesbian couple in LA county looking for an AI donor. Willing to travel. Please feel free to contact us if you are able to fulfill our dream of becoming parents.

August 2013

Message: Heres a big THANK YOU to all you donors. You are amazing this site is amazing. We can't wait to get started. If you live in the California area please feel free to contact us.

March 2013

Orange County California

Message: We are looking for a Caucasian donor preferably until the age of 35 or so. We are wanting someone with colored eyes, preferably green/hazel. Must be healthy and STD/disease free and able to show proof.

February 2013

San Luis Obispo County, California

Message: We are looking for a donor with blonde hair, blue eyes, fun, friendly, outgoing, nice, smart. We are a married couple, my husband is infertile.

Februay 2013

Message: SBF seeking white, Latin or biracial black men. Who can become my AI sperm donor.

February 2013

Los Angeles, CA

Message: Looking for a black male for sperm donation in the Los Angeles Area

July 2012

San bernadino/California

Message: Hello, my name is Tina. I'm a 29 year old preschool teacher looking for a sperm donor. I am looking for one of Mexican/Hispanic or white descent with either wavy/or curly black hair with either black eye or hazel medium built and a fair complexion. I am looking for one that enjoys sports and enjoys music. I am interested in a donor that has completed college as well.

December 2011

Message: Hello all, I'm new here and hopeful. I've only talked to my husband about this major move, and I've mentioned it to a friend. I will talk to my OBGYN later this month. Wish me well with lots of prayers.

November 2011

Fresno CA

Message: Looking for hispanic,caucasion,or mixed race donor at least 5'10+, hair and eye color doesnt matter. Searious donors only

October 2011

Message: My wife and I are looking to expand our family. In need of a black donor for AI in the Los Angeles or Southern California Area

October 2011

Message: 40 yr old single woman seeking a healthy, intelligent, tall, Caucasian male in California who would be willing to be a potential sperm donor(and/or a co-parent arrangement). Must have proof of clean health record. Please email me if you feel you are a possible match.

August 2011

Message: Los Angeles 23 year old female looking for local (or semi-local) donor. Stable, self employed with time, desire and love ready to start a family.

July 2011

Message: Hi,
I am a 34 year old Vietnamese, single woman looking for the right sperm donor.  I've always wanted children of my own.  I am interested in a donor in good health, screened for diseases, and drug free.  Someone that is considerate and committed to the process.  You can make my dream come true.  Thank you in advance.

March 2011

Message: We are a happy lesbian couple who have been married for 4 years now and would love nothing more then to start expanding our family.

March 2011

Message: I am a nurse with sweet children, ages eight to 12.  I am 37 years old and want to have one more child before I'm unable to.  I am healthy and financially well able to care for another child.  We are a happy, active family and this has been a dream of ours for a long time.  I hope to become pregnant this fall, to be due summer of 2011.  I've had men I know offer to donate, but prefer to conceive this way, with no attachments or drama.

December 2010

Message: I am looking for an attractive Latin Male donor to expand my Family with.

November 2010

Removed by Emma


October 2010

Message: looking for a smart , good looking sperm-donor ,6 feet and more and a good sense of humour :) Los Angeles will be awesome !!!!  

June 2010

Message: Attractive, (Caucasian, Blonde Hair, Brown eyes, 5 5 , Medium Build) warm, loving, sophisticated and qualified to be an Excellent Mother!
Seeking SWM who would like to share the experience of conceiving a baby and desires becoming a Co-Parent. I am open to discussing how ever much desired amount of involvement you wish to have, however, I'd wish that you have INTEREST in the child s growth and be able to help with emotional, physical, and financial support for the child throughout their developmental years. Open to various types of parental relationship dynamics between myself and the father (you) but necessary to (at the very least) have EXCELLENT communication and chemistry.

Please be intelligent, successful, kind, drug and disease free, non-smoking, DRAMA FREE, and no addictive personalities. Someone who strives to be healthy and lead a healthy life style but certainly doesn't need to be physically GQ perfect.
Having a child has always been a dream of mine and lately at 41, it's become a priority. One never knows when their  Mr. Right,  might come along, but unfortunately... getting pregnant can be challenging due to
that wonderful biological clock ticking!

I can assure you.... I will be a great Mommy! I have over 20 years of experience working with children of all ages and I am fun, loving, happy and energetic.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to exchange pictures.

May 2010

Message: Hello, I am looking for a healthy, educated, engineering, mathematical and/or scientific-minded donor, over 5 10, who is interested in having contact with the child of a single asian woman, over 5 4 , same qualities as above, athletic, artistic, warm, friendly, patient, and gentle .  I prefer ethnic backgrounds like latino, native American, or European descent. Thank you for your consideration.

March 2010

Message: Hello!  I'm a single woman looking to get pregnant as soon as possible.  Safety is my main concern; I want a healthy baby.  I'm white but I'd be happy with a donor of any race.  Donors may choose to remain anonymous or be known.  Thank you for your help!! :-)

March 2010

San Francisco, CA

Message: Lovely family wants to expand our family! Please help :)

February 2010

Message: Lesbian couple wants to add tou our family. 6yr would like a little brother or sister.

June 2008

My partner and I live in N. California and are hoping to be able to complete our family.
We are a happy easy going family with a whole lot of love to give. Please contact us

April 2008

Hi, i would love to get pregnant as soon as possible, so i am looking for really nice sperm donor who
would like to help me with that.
Please send me as much information about you as you can, and a picture if it´s possible.
Thank you so much!

March 2008

My name is Kristina. My partner and I want to have a baby soon.  Looking for a donor who has light eyes,
is tall and who is willing to send cards and meet occassionally for quick visits. Someone who does
not smoke or drink a lot and who takes care of their health.

January 2008

My partner and I are looking for a Sperm Donor. I am West Indian/Creole and she is African American. We are interested in "Brown" skinned gentlemen who hold at minimum 4yr college degree. You.. be at least 6' tall, healthy and have great personality, warm, sincere, and driven. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration to helping us!

Sept 2007

Lesbian couple looking for donor to help in expanding our family please contact:


April 2006 - Old California sperm donations message board

We are a commited Lesbian Couple looking to start a family. We already have a donor failure under our belt and looking to have a success story. We are looking for an uncle or distant uncle type relationship, depending on how all parties get along. If you would like to help, please send us an e-mail with stats and a baby picture or two !!

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