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About FSDW - Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

Please do send Emma an email with your questions!

The FSDW Service- Information about what happens when you subscribe to FSDW, and what type of things to check with potential donors before you make your final decision.

Hi- my site was set up to help people become pregnant using sperm donor, without paying a fortune!! This info may help you learn more about what I do. All the testimonials are true- and I have way to may now to actually put them all on- which is really amazing!!

Its a unique concept - through FSDW I help subscribers to connect with guys around the world who are willing to donate sperm for free. Subscribers pay their donor for any out of pocket expenses eg if he needs to travel etc- or any health/ STD tests you want doing. (These are free though any UK NHS GU clinic- pay a small fee for hard copy of results) Donors dont charge for donations however. And through DIY Baby you can buy home self-insemination kits etc. All FSDW sperm donors agree to donate for free, through AI only ie no sex. Any even suggesting sex to FSDW members are removed.

I set up the site as 'Sperm Donors Worldwide' in 2003 as I saw the shortage of sperm donors, and really felt for the single women, infertile and lesbian couples having difficulties fulfilling their dreams of becoming a parent. Most have thought long and hard about being a parent, and would offer an ideal environment in which to raise an independent, happy child or children. So I wanted to see what I could do- and have been thrilled by the response from so many men in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada in particular, who want to also help in any way they can. I found that they were no longer willing to donate to sperm banks as 'choice' has been removed- with regards to anonymity and who they would want to donate to. They like to meet potential mothers and parents, and feel comfortable that any child created will be well cared for.
This FSDW site is now exactly like a dating site except I help you meet donors rather than a partner. Its up to you what info you put in your profile and I suggest you dont give personal info such as telephone numbers, and that you create an email just for this purpose which can later be deleted. 
You can also place a free message on the public boards- although remember that I cant verify anything- and you may get spam- as well as great responses. I can't offer the level of moderation and support that I can in the members only area. Do use these boards though - I recommend setting up another email for that purpose.

As with a dating site, when people join I cannot verify anything they say. Which is why corresponding and meeting him, and getting tests done is important. When it comes down to it, most women actually want to know what the guy is like anything- this will be the biological father of your child and as such inherit all types of things- personality traits as well as appearance etc- and you can ask for medical history. Some ask the same donor to then father sibblings. As I cant verify anything I rely on feedback from members so I know which donors are really our DIY Baby Heroes!- and if any need to be politely bumped. The Behaviour Code will give a good indiciation of what is expected.

In 8 years since doing this I have had nothing but good feedback- I monitor donor profiles and have a strict behaviour code- ie these guys are not wanting any type of sexual involvement, or payment. Some donors dont want any involvement post conception, unless the child requests it, some would like to know of the sex of the child, or have a yearly photo - some would even like to be involved. Everyone is looking for something different and I strongly encourage honesty within profiles.

'DIY Baby Donors' are wonderful -over 4000 now and rising, with over 2700 known pregnancies. Membership fees gives you access to the database- the secure members only area- and you can join for just 30 days or any 30 days after that is about half price. Cancel whenever you like! Full instructions sent in welcome email and an Unsubscribe button on the sign up page. Once subscribers have connected with donors you can correspond outside of the site- when you feel ready. I need to charge fees not only to keep the site operational but also as I need women to really think about this, so they dont waste the time of FSDW donors, and are really sure they want to be parents. Anything that is completely free tends to be abused by those who eithe cannot afford a child, or are simply 'browsing'. Funds also go into my support groups and sites such as the Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From campaign.

Within the FSDW members area there is a free document you can use to put your arrangement down on paper- it doesnt cost much to get it notarised by a solicitor. Do everyting well- cover your bases- really think about every eventuality and go into this with your eyes open.
So I am not supplying subscribers with sperm- I am giving single women, lesbian and infertile couples a way to contact donors directly- most will donate monthly until women fall pregnant. What you do once you connect with these donors is up to you. Some ask their chosen donor to donate to a clinic - and they pay costs- but most just meet him just before ovulation- he goes in another room to ejaculate and gives you the fresh sperm- you just inseminate in private within 90 minutes (when it's gone clear) You can buy self-insemination kits, ovulation predictor etc   - The Ultimate DIY Baby kits have ovulation predictor strips, pregnancy testing trips, fertility chart, the private donor arrangement document in members area, which is used to state your agreement (just get this notarised by solicitor) syringe, plastic cup to collect sperm and draw into syringe, self-insemination instructions document and folic acid. I will soon also be selling home HIV tests etc for donors.
This works well for most women- but its a personal choice, and you need to really decide what is right for you. If you join you will need patience, and an understanding that donors have the right to choose who they donate to- all I ask is that everyone is respectful of one another, and as honest as possible in profiles (everyone creates a profile with blogs, info and you can post pics etc) so that everyone can find a match as quickly as possible. Members can sign up here

As a member you can also now request a free message on the sperm donor or co-parent wanted boards if you would consder shared parenting with the right person- or for them to have an uncle type role etc. These are public and increase your chance of meeting someone, however all registered donors can be contacted in the members area. Messages sent from these donors will arrive in your mail box with a specific subject heading.

So I am not trying to help everyone and everyone have a baby- Im trying to connect compassionate men who care about who will be raising their biological child and who are willing to answer questions and be contacted by the child, with women and couples who will honour the child's right for information.
Let me know if you have any questions!

FSDW and DIY Baby Creator
Also known as The Child Listener


Top Tips for Getting Pregnant Using Self-Insemination

What is self insemination?

DIY (do-it-yourself) or self-insemination, is a method in which the woman (or her partner ) inserts semen into the
| vagina herself, without medical assistance. This is surprisingly easy - and a useful technique for single women,
lesbian and infertile couples, and heterosexual couples with sexual dysfunction.

How to self-inseminate - what is needed

The most important ingredient is freshly ejaculated semen that is inseminated within 90 minutes max).
Ask your donor to ejaculate in a clean glass or plastic container. Make sure this is wide-mouthed, so it’s easier for
him to aim accurately – you want it all!
You can also use frozen semen samples from a sperm bank, after allowing them to thaw at room temperature.
Visit our Directory for listings of sperm banks - usually in the USA- that will ship overseas if you live outside of the US - and DIY Baby for home self-insemination kits

After the semen sample has liquefied (this takes about 30 minutes), you are now ready to self-inseminate.
Suck up the semen sample into a 10-ml plastic disposable syringe (without a needle)
(supplied in DIY Baby kit)

The semen now needs to be squirted into the vagina- and as this is sometimes tricky you may want to have practised

this a few times first- using water. . You need to lie on a bed, with your knees and thighs bent, and your knees wide apart. Guides the tip of the syringe into the vagina and put the syringe in as deep as you can before plunging the barrel,
depositing the semen into the vagina.
Ideally you should try to have an orgasm during the process- by stimulating the clitoris- not through penetration
or insertion of anything such as a vibrator.
The only thing to go inside the vagina is the syringe!

You may find it easier to lie on the edge of the bed, with a pillow under hips so that your hips protrude over the edge
while you undertake the procedure . You can remain lying on your back for about ten minutes, after which you can
resume normal activity. Some of the semen will leak out, and this is normal.

While using a speculum is not essential, it can help, because it makes it easier to inject the semen at the mouth of the
uterus (the cervix). You can use a disposable plastic speculum, and when you insert the speculum, make sure the
blades are closed. You can slide it in upwards, or else sideways, turning it when it has been pushed all the way into your
vagina. When the handles are above your pubic bone, squeeze them together, which will open your vaginal walls. You will hear a click when the speculum is locked open. If you are inseminating with a partner s/he will be able to see your cervix, which is round and pink with an opening (the os) in the middle. The mucus may appear as a clear bubble, or a thread like raw egg white. You can use a mirror to see what’s going on for yourself, if you so desire! After the insemination, make sure that you release the handles and collapse the blades before removing it from your vagina.

Some women use a cup or cap for self-insemination. Rubber cervical caps are designed for contraception (hence the name "cap") but they can be used for insemination. There is also a cervical cup especially designed for insemination, which is slightly larger and more shallow, the name "cup" indicating that it serves as a semen receptacle.
You simply squat down, check the position of your cervix, and insert the cap containing the semen in that direction, holding it
upright at all times. Check all around the top of your vagina to make sure that you didn’t miss you cervix. The cup can be
removed after several hours. Take care to break the suction byhooking a finger over the edge of it before trying to pull it out.

Timing the procedure is extremely important, because you need to inseminate during your "fertile period". Ideally twice in the 24 - 48 hours before you ovulate. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to determine when you are going to ovulate, and you can either monitor your cervical mucus, or use an ovulation prediction kit.

All of the items needs are included in the DIY Baby kit - available online

Everything you need for home insemination of donor sperm!


Our DIY Baby Home Self-Insemination Kit
Includes everything you need!

The DIY Baby™ Ultimate Self-Insemination Kit Includes;

* DIY Baby™ Self-Insemination Guide

* Donor Agreement Document

* Pregnancy Wheel and Ovulation Calculator

* Plastic Syringe

* Sperm Collection Cup

* 10 Ovulation (Fertility)Tests (needed to more
effectively time day/s to inseminate)
Special offer- kit currently includes 15 ovulation test!

* 5 Pregnancy Tests - Special offer- kit currently
includes 10 tests!

* Folic Acid

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More Fertility Tips and Info Can Be Found Here


Who are Free Sperm Donations Worldwide (formerly Sperm Donors Worldwide)?
DIY Baby™ are now based in Australia- originally created in the UK
Find out more about the Free Sperm Donor site here.

Pink Bubblez - Queensland AustraliaFind a sperm donor through FSDW- Free Sperm Donations Worldwide
- a useful connections service provided by child behaviour advisor and
family / lifestyle coach, The Child Listener™,
Emma Hartnell-Baker BEd Hons, MA, Cert Life Coaching,
who also advises parents about meeting the emotional needs of children
born from private sperm donation.

The Child Listener™ has a private practice in Queensland, Australia and
is currently taking time out to write a book about positive parenting