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co-parenting arrangements.
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Behaviour Code - Please abide by our Private Sperm Free Sperm Donations Worldwide Behaviour Code Donations Behaviour Code so that we can provide this service as safely as possible, and also protect the rights and potential needs of
DC children.

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FSDW Behaviour Code

Free sperm donations worldwide behaviour codeIn order to keep both sites as safe, useful and effective as possible we expect all members and sperm donors to abide by the following Behaviour Code

This is as follows:

All profiles and message contents will be written in a clear, polite and respectful manner.
For example if your preference as a donor is to donate only to lesbian couples then include this. If not, make this clear- in a kind and non prejudicial manner.
Profiles must be honest and clear to understand.

All FSDW donors and members agree that no sexual intercourse or sexual act involving the recipient is to occur in exchange for donation of fresh sperm. This includes even being in the same room when the ejaculation occurs. This keeps boundaries clear for all.

Moderaters reserve the right to remove donors, and ban them from the members area in future, if they offer anything other than AI or for any other reason, at our discretion.

This also applies to potential recipient - this is a strictly AI only site.

The same applies if 'anonymous' donations are offered or requested. As the site is set up to promote children's rights, this is not tolerated. It can lead to removal of profile, and no refunds offered should you be a paying member.

FSDW sperm donors who sign up are happy to donate fresh sperm for donor conception without charge other than legitimate and necessary expenses - for example travel, health tests, shipping etc.
These expenses must be agreed between all parties BEFORE
expenses are incurred and receipts must be produced.

No form of financial thank you or payment of any kind other than
legitimate and necessary expenses can be invited by donors.
We reserve the right to determine what constitutes 'legitimate' expenses.

Photos uploaded must not be in any way offensive or deemed to be
of a sexual nature.

Photos must be of the member or donor, or clearly stated why they
have been uploaded.

Wording within profiles must be written in such a way as to be honest
and respectful towards others. FSDW moderators reserve the right to ask
for verification when certain claims are made within profiles.

Email addresses or URLs are not to be given within profiles or blogs.
Please contact members through your mail box
Not only does this maintain privacy, it also reduces instances of unwanted spam.

If emails or web site addresses are given in blogs your profile will be deleted
along with the blog.

We expect that when donors feel unable or unwilling to help members that they at
least respond to say that on this occasion they feel they cannot be of service.
Due to the nature of the site we understand that donors, as well as members, are
going to want to find the right donor/ recipient for them- ie similar outlook with regards to raising children etc. However we would remove donors or consistently fail to respond to members when they feel unable or unwilling to help.
A simple- sorry- I cant help you- is sufficient. No response at all is considered unacceptable and grounds for removal.
This common courtesy of course also applies to members looking
for a sperm donor.

Only one profile is to be created by FSDW donors.
Should a donor attempt to re-register he is considered to be deliverately deceptive, in breach of this behaviour code, and may be banned.
Members looking for a donor must have their own individual profiles- so that donors know exactly who they are potentialy donating to. So if a gay couple joins the woman who is to become pregnant should put her details. If both women would like to become pregnant two profiles must be created. Any attempt to secure a donor/ donors by more than one woman through the same profile will result in the profile being deleted and no refund given for remaining time. It is not only dishonest but confusing for our sperm donors- who need to know who is going to be carrying the child.

Site moderators reserve the right to edit, put 'on hold' or remove
profiles at their discretion at any time and for any reason.

If banned by a site moderator for any reason, legal action may be taken
against that person should they attempt to re-register or access the
member's only area as this will be considered as 'breaking and entering' in cyberspace!

No reference to related web sites, or to products offered through FSDW are
to be provided in public messages or blogs- it's disrespectful to me personally!
If you need to share info do so in 1 on 1 messages. Although Im sure many
of you feel these are helpful, you can also understand that some unscrupulous people are trying this to get people to their own site or to buy their own
products. We also do not have the time to click on these links and check exactly what the content contains. So it's a no-no in 'everyone can see' areas of the member's area- thanks!

By subscribing to FSDW, or registering as an FSDW donor you are agreeing
to abide by the Behaviour Code and to all terms and conditions relating to the use of this web site - it is your responsibility to read and follow them to avoid profile deletion.

Thank you

If, without prejudice, you feel any listed donors or members are not
acting in accordance with our Behaviour Code please contact Emma

The Behaviour Code has been created to create a safe and useful community - please do not abuse the service we provide. Many women and infertile couples have been able to fulfil their dream of creating a child through donor conception and we believe that everyone should have this right - regardless of financial status, sexual orientation or fertility problems.
Fundamentally, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to become parents (if they are emotionally and finacially stable) although we believe that parenting is not simply about pregnancy and conception it is also about providing a wonderful, stimulating, loving and safe environment in which to raise that child. Please research and consider your decisions carefully - especially with regards to the rights and needs of children born as a result of donor conception.

Children deserve to know where they come from

Happy parenting!

FSDW Site Creator and Moderator

Promotor of Positive Parenting - and The Triple L Approach to Life - 'Listen, Learn and Lead'

Positive parenting for all!

Free Sperm Donations Worldwide (formerly Sperm Donors Worldwide) and
DIY Baby™ are now based in Australia- originally created in the UK

Pink Bubblez - Queensland AustraliaFind a sperm donor through FSDW- Free Sperm Donations Worldwide
- a useful connections service provided by child behaviour advisor and
family / lifestyle coach, The Child Listener™,
Emma Hartnell-Baker BEd Hons, MA, Cert Life Coaching,
who also advises parents about meeting the emotional needs of children
born from private sperm donation.

The Child Listener™ has a private practice in Queensland, Australia and
is currently taking time out to write a book about positive parenting


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