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Why was FSDW created in 2003?

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About FSDW - Free Sperm Donations Worldwide

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Why was FSDW created?

FSDW (originally Sperm Donors Worldwide) was set up in 2003. Although controversial, we felt that many women and couples who wanted desperately to be a parent- and would make wonderful parents!- were limited in their choices, because of marital status, sexuality, fertility issues & more. We didn't feel this was fair.
FSDW offers choices- and not just for women- it is also proving successful for men wanting to co-parent without romance!
Many men would love the opportunity to play an uncle type role or even to co-parent- and FSDW offers everyone CHOICES!

With the abolishment of sperm donor anonymity within the UK at that time there was a decrease in available sperm.
We knew that many men still wanted to help- but without the knowledge that a child - or children- he knew nothing of until then - could come knocking on their door at aged 18. We felt that there had to be an alternative- and especially as women and infertile couples were finding other ways to become pregnant that were risky and often a recipe for disaster. The safe, socially acceptable route - ie through a clinic - was often unavailable - or the process too costly, intrusive or lengthy- for many women and couples.

We decided, therefore, to create FSDW -as a way for men to be able to make choices with regards to sperm donation- ie who they donate to and on what terms. We wanted to offer a place for kind, honourable men to connect with women, and to make their own arrangements, and to encourage all parties to consider the best interest of the child. With IVF the child will not know his or her father- until the age of 18. While that may work for many- it isn't the best arrangement for others. Through FSDW many donors play an 'uncle' type role, and some would even wish to co-parent. Is this not of benefit to the child in many situations? A child born from sperm donation - where neither parent or child know anything about each other - can cause all
sorts of emotionally problems.

This topic is a difficult one- and there is no 'right' or 'wrong' answer. However our concern was that so many women seemed to be choosing one night stands, or making choices regarding pregnancy- without a discussion with the man involved, before the conception occurred. Men could find themselves being chased for child support - whereas the FSDW donors and women / couples who use this service tend to really want this- and take a much more responsible, educated approach to the matter. Both parties are in agreement BEFORE conception - reducing potential problems in the future.

Of course there are more risks when choosing this route - legal issues (discussed on our free info pages) health issues (HIV can fail to show up in a test- and show up six months later - which is why frozen sperm is quarantined) and more. So, as well as offering people choices, FSDW has tried to offer guidance and support, so that people can at least reduce the risks as best they can if they decide they want to choose this route. Of course they can still find their own donor and then ask him to donate through a clinic- and know the sperm is 100% safe.
Information about sperm donor testing (of fresh sperm) is available, donor agreement documents available, including information about getting pregnant as quickly as possible- not just for the mother's sake- but also so that time is not wasted on the part of the donor.
These donors all register to donate without charge, AI only, and so it is the responsibility of the recipients to do her part to facilitate a quick conception.

We personally reply to all emails- and offer advice regarding meeting the emotional needs of children born form sperm donation- when and how to tell them, what issues they should consider and work through and more.

This all takes alot of time and effort - which is why, in part, subscription fees are charged. However westrongly believes that if this was offered for free- the connections part of this service- then women who have not really considered this fully, might decide to 'just give it a go'. Charging a membership fee won't stop that- but it will make some women stop and think before proceeding.
Membership fees are in line with dating site membership fees- even though the potential rewards are arguable worth far more. Of
course sperm donors aren't charged- why would we charge these amazing men- who are helping so many women and infertile couples
fulfil their dream of being a parent? However FSDW donors- and women- are obliged to conduct themselves honourably- and to
abide by the behaviour code. We have such a supportive members area- with blogs posted etc- that when members post anything in the slightest bit offensive, or donors seem to suggest there are looking for sex, or payment, they are immediately bumped off. As we moderate the site ourselves standards are high- and this is why FSDW remains arguably the most popular private sperm donation connections web site on the internet. Over 2000 successful pregnancies since 2003 with thousands of registered sperm in the member's only area ! Many of our testimonials shown on the subscription page and others.

Jacob's parents mae their decision in his best interest- allowing him the opportunity to know who he is and where he comes from. In recent news articles within Australia a gorgeous FSDW baby was mentioned- however what wasn't highlighted was that Jacob's parents chose to offer him the opportunity to meet his 'donor daddy' and know of his origins- and they chose a man who they felt happy to fill this role. This is what we consider to be a 'typical' couple; they made a decision that will benefit their son far more than a fertility clinic could have offered. At best Jacob (and his parents) could request information when he turns 18. His biological father would have had no choice in who his sperm would go to- ie who would raise his child- even though he isn't actively involved or wanting any parental rights.
The donor and Jacob's parents should be congratulated- not condemned by authorities for using fresh sperm (even though they used AI and not sex) which wasn't quarantined. How many couples do this when deciding to have a child? We should be talking about the real issues relating to modern parenting and sperm donation arrangements worldwide - issues the authorities seem determined to ignore.

Many press articles send a message that women choosing a serm donor privately are 'desperate' for a baby-or half witted hormone driven idiots. This isnt true. FSDW members area intelligent adults who are making an informed choice that will benefit all involved- and will be honest from the start. There are far quicker ways to get pregnant than choosing to subscribe to a moderated members area- where only AI is allowed- plenty of men out there who would be only to pleased to have a free 'quickie and walk away never to be seen again'. One night stands- where the man isn't aware of this intention- have been happening for years! FSDW members are looking at the bigger picture- including what happens after the pregnancy. They want to start this journey honestly and with integrity.

Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From- and FSDW allows for, and encourages this- unlike the current provisions within the health system. The child spoken about in recent press articles- Jacob- son of a lesbian couples- will have that opportunity - his parents have made sure of that. They have been far more sensible and made a wider choice regarding the conception of their child than if they had chosen a one night stand, or gone to a clinic. Other than knowing the sperm is 100% safe what benefits are offered through a clinic- with regards to the child? What options are there for the donor to be involved before the child reaches the age of 18? What options are there for parents raising the child who want to be able to provide answers at various stages of the child's life?

The fact that people are joining means they want to have met and know the sperm donor. The FSDW site is about helping kind intelligent men and women connect to have a baby in non-traditional ways- and enables them to make their own arrangement. We have even planned a 'Donor Dad Support Network'

If the authorities had it right FSDW wouldn't have more registered donors and be helping more women and couples than they are- with no legal or health issues in 6 years. This is something that needs to be talked about. However journalists haved the information they need- - and yet we get the same tired story - almost identical to others.
In many cases seeming to be written by the fertility and health authorities.

FSDW created this online community to not only help people become parents- but also to put forward ideas and advice regarding making choices that benefit the child.
As A Voice for Children.

If you have any questions, please email

Due to an increasing number of enquiries re surrogacy and other forms of assisted pregnancy/ parenthood she has recently launched Surrogacy Sisters Worldwide- connecting potential surrogates with individuals and couples wanting to be parents through the use of surrogacy. Ultimately, she believes that a variety of options should be available to anyone who is emotionally and financially ready to bring a child into the world and offer them everything they deserve!


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