Free Known Sperm Donors FSDW (Free Sperm Donations Worldwide)

FSDW- Free Known Sperm Donations Worldwide- Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From Campaign

After almost 2 decades, and as the longest running 'sperm donor connection web site' in the world, we are sad to say goodbye to our loyal following, and incredible families.

For years we have been fighting for the right for children born through assisted conception to know of their origins, which does not happen with traditional egg and sperm donation; the child cannot learn of their biological orgins or contact the biological parent until they reach 18. Everyone deserves to know where they come from ! By connecting like-minded people we were able to successful connect would-be parents (single women, gay and infertile couples) with men who realised they were more than 'just a sperm donor'. The site paved the way for changes, some good - and some not so good ! But we started conversations about assisted reproduction, from the CHILD's perspective, and those who genuinely wanted to connect, and put the resulting child FIRST, knew they had somewhere to go.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your journey, and for sharing your incredible stories with us. We continue to hope that all who have love in their hearts, and set out on this journey to expand on their families, do so safely, respectfully, and with the best interests of the child central to every decision.

The secure members' area will now close, and all files wiped.

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