FSDW....the first social 'known donor' connection site in the world, created in 2003 to assist with family building,
but not at the expense of the child. This site was created so that would-be-donors are able to choose who
they assist, and be known to the child at whatever age the child wants to know of, or even meet, their bio father.
At present most donor convieved children can either learn nothing, or only find out about their origins at 18. This is far too late.

However, after over a decade of helping to build families, we are sad to say that the FSDW site is now closing.  
If you are a member looking for donor please end your subscription, although all will
automatically be cancelled June 30.

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'Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From' Campaign.

Many of you know I have a campaign 'children deserve to know where they come from'. Set it up 12 years ago in the UK, to avoid anonymity (egg and sperm donation). I speak out about children's rights to know of their origins before the age of 18. People who raise the child are the 'real' parents, but a HUGE percentage of donor conceived kids want to know where they come from, and actually to meet the donor.

This is an important issue to discuss. ......Please read current research here.

ABC recently shared the Sperm Donors Anonymous film.

It's all about 'self' - about your identity. Imagine if you didn't know anything about your biological origins, or if you have any other siblings, or why you are good at maths etc. It's just who you are. So 12 year ago I set up a site to offer a solution.

I have spoken openly about this - see Sixty Minutes. Also been the victim of a horrific piece by the Telegraph after talking to a reporter for months about the campaign. I should have sued, as clear defamation. Let's face it, if I was doing anything even the remotest bit 'illegal' as the headline suggested, I wouldn't be still be running the site, so many years later.

Of course the media usually wants a shock story. And yet it is very simple. I want all kids to know where they come from. I have written stories so that parents who used IVF can start discussions with their kids. I do believe that everyone deserves the right to be a parent. But more and more men now want to know who will be raising their bio child, even if not them. That's why they join the FSDW site, and THEN go through a clinic. There is no 'Illegal Trade in Babies' ! A bizarre and defamatory spin by an unethical journalist, regarding the 'Children Deserve to Know Where They Come From' Campaign. Addressed here - Anonymous Sperm Donations

The site, set up in 2003, was so that children can learn of their origins - which they don't if a sperm bank is used. Baby Roma's story shown below, in book form and through the Sixty Minutes Documentary.

Many AU fertility clinics will admit, off the record, that they ask their would-be-parents to find a donor through FSDW and then come to the clinic for testing and the treatment. Why? A real shortage of donors willing to donate without knowing who will be the recipient.

If there was any legal or health issue the connections site would have been closed down a long time ago. ALthough many 'donor connections' sites have sprung up since 2003, this one remains arguably the most trusted. The vast majority use the site to find their donor and then use a clinic as we advise.



Yes, assisted reproduction is controversial. But we think there should be options for those needing help, but also wanting to be able to answer questions their kids have. And for over a decade we have been a part of knowing that at least some children aren't faced with 'Im sorry, I don't know the answer to your questions about your origins.'

Advocates for Children's Rights
Sperm donors needed to donate sperm to lesbian, single women, and infertile couples for free by private arrangement. Connect and then use a clinic for health and legal reasons.